Wednesday, October 16

Fall Soccer

Well we're already halfway through soccer season but here are some pics from their first practices.  This is Beth's first season to play, and she loves it!  She's naturally talented too (although of course I have to say that!) but she's got the build for it and has inherited her father's soccer genes too!  Unfortunately two of her practices and 1.5 of her games have been rained out, and they don't reschedule them, so that's been a bummer!  Her age group plays four-on-four, and she's been able to play quite a bit during the games that have actually happened!

 Luke is really enjoying soccer again!  He has played one season and this year, Ryan is his head coach of the 4-year-old boy team.  It's a little funny but they are really a lot better than they were last year!  They play three-on-three at this age, so each kid has a fair amount of time to play during the games.  He scored his first goal of the season last weekend when Uncle Michael was visiting!  Luke's practices are on a different day and his games have been scheduled earlier than Beth's, so he's had only one practice canceled due to rain.  It's been a wet fall!

This little one is so sad that he's not playing soccer this year.  I honestly had no idea just how upset he'd be every week that he doesn't get to play!  He plays at home with Beth, Luke, and Daddy, and he kicks with his left foot (he's left-handed too) so I wonder if that's an advantage he'll have when he finally does play on a team?  I really should learn about soccer- I have no idea what the positions are and who is supposed to do what!  It's not a sport I grew up around but here I am- officially a soccer mom now!

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Anonymous said...

Any photos of Ryan in full soccer regalia available?

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