Wednesday, August 7

Summer According to Instagram

art camp
Beth started her summer with an art camp at a local art league.  She went three days for two hours each day, and was in a "class" with one other girl her age.  They focused on jungle animals and learned different techniques.  She had fun and I could see her employing the techniques at home after her camp was over.  It's nice to know she had fun AND learned something. :)

stealing tomatoes from my garden
We had an abundant crop of small tomatoes this year, orange grape tomatoes.  Once the kids figured out they liked them, I couldn't keep them from sneaking outside to pull tomatoes and eat them in the backyard.  They even picked the ones that weren't ripe yet and ate those too.  Ryan and I couldn't complain... After all, they were eating tomatoes, and getting to them before the cardinals found them and started stealing the rest.

hunting lizards in the garden
Even though it was a million degrees, since it hardly rained the mosquitoes were practically nonexistent this year.  We can handle the heat, so most afternoons the kids donned swimsuits and headed outside for playtime in our plastic baby pool.

refinishing a pew for the house

We haven't had too many house projects- I think we were still a little burnt out from the kitchen remodel- but we have a few things in mind.  This pew came to us from a neighbor, and though Ryan has fixed it up I have yet to paint it!

a staple in her head
Beth, our stunt girl, was standing on a moving swing at a friend's house and tripped on her skirt, falling and hitting her head on the fort.  After a few minutes of lots and lots of blood, I decided to take her to the emergency room.  Sure enough, she had a gash big enough to warrant a single staple, or some stitches- and the ER doctor gave her the option of what she wanted.  She chose a staple, I think partly because Finley had had surgery a few days prior and he himself had a few staples!

riding on two wheels!
He just took off one day!  Ryan spray painted Beth's old bike, which is really small and low to the ground, I think the lower center of gravity helped! 

summer reading program and trips to the library
The kids participated in the summer reading program at the library, and it really boosted Beth's interest in reading as much as she could and recording everything on her reading log.  Their prize pack was a bunch of coupons to places we'll never eat, but they each got a certificate that that all treasured!

18 weeks pregnant with Baby Gumbo
My pregnancy is going well.  Every day we are feeling so blessed!  The kids are loving watching my belly grow, asking me if the baby can hear them yet, if he's reading books, and if he's wearing clothes.  It's so cute to watch them be so curious!

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