Thursday, August 29

Birthday Week!

Ryan and I celebrated our birthdays last week- both were pretty casual since they weren't "milestone" birthdays for either of us!  Ryan's was on a Monday, so after work I made Ryan one of his favorite dinners (lemon chicken with butternut squash fries and lemon parmesean broccoli), and we had baked peaches with vanilla ice cream for dessert!  He ate till his heart was content, then read his birthday cards from the kids, and then we gave him his gift- some cologne he'd been no-so-subtly hinting about.  I had a secret gift for him- my neighbor has a vinyl laser cutting machine and offered to help me make a sign for above our bed.  It's been an odd space to fill so I had the idea to custom-make something- I'm so happy she helped me!  I love the way it turned out- and he loved it too. :-)

(This was before we hung it on the wall!)
My birthday was on a Friday and we had a pretty quiet day at home.  I asked Ryan to grill some hamburgers, and he added sauteed onions as a special treat. ;-)  He also made some grilled jalapeno poppers and brownies!  Yummy.  We had planned a dinner date the night before to go shop for a birthday gift for me, but I had a birth to attend so I took a rain check!    Mama needs a couple of new pairs of shoes and maybe a new mixing bowl!

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Anonymous said...

A "milestone" birthday should include you famous bean-casserole-salad thing.

Just something to keep in mind, that stuff is better than Col. Sanders!

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