Friday, July 5


Anxiously waiting for the reveal...
At the beginning of the summer, we finally bought... A ride on lawn mower!  It's been a long time coming, and this year we decided to splurge on a brand-new mower.  You should have seen Luke's face when we just told him we were going to buy a tractor, the anticipation nearly killed him!  Our neighbor helped us pick it up with a trailer, and the kids (including the neighbor's daughter, who is Jack's age) all waited anxiously as the men were going to pick it up.

The moment of glory!  Luke was in heaven!

He said, "This is the best birthday present ever!" 

Beth was excited too, but a little less impressed.

Of course we had to take it out for a spin!
The new mower cuts down Ryan's mowing time by more than half, though he still has to use the push mower for some tight areas around the fence and gardens.  Not only does it cut his time in half, but if he lets the grass grow too long, it's not a frustrating mess to get it cut with the push mower.  And of course, now he can sit and mow instead of push- big difference!

Luke's still a hard worker outside, after all these years he still "helps" Daddy as much as possible when Ryan is outside doing yardwork.  He operates the blower all by himself now, sweeps, and uses his own push mower to "get the spots that Daddy missed."  And his weed wacker has seen years of use, so it's a bit broken, but Ryan tied some of his real string on it and now Luke thinks it's the best thing ever!
Such a hard worker.

Riding with Daddy

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