Friday, July 5

Swimming Babies

My summertime babies started swim lesson on Jack's 3rd birthday.  They were scheduled only for 8 lessons over a period of two weeks, and Beth and Luke both did a tremendous job of learning new things and improving drastically!  I was so impressed with Luke, who I think just did fabulous with trying new things (even when he said he was scared) and dramatically improving.  Beth picked up pretty quickly with remembering what she learned last year and also made some great improvements.  
Waiting for her turn
His class went last- he didn't want to wait!

Mr. Jack wanted NOTHING to do with his swim lessons, teacher, or other kids in his class.  He cried so hard the first day (despite being SO excited!) that I tried to pull him out of the lessons, but I was denied a refund.   So... It was one of those tough parenting decisions.  I could not force him to swim through his tears, and I certainly was not going to leave him there to deal with it on his own.  It wasn't a class where I could get in the water though, either.  In the end I decided that I would participate with him as much as possible- which meant I sat with him through the out-of-pool instruction, sat next to him by the pool (with my feet in the water touching him the first couple of days), and verbally encouraging him when it was his turn to try something new.  He went from screaming the first day to passively being idle at best.  When it was his turn to kick, he'd just sit in his teacher's arms and float, closing his eyes.  It was better than screaming, but certainly not participation!  I'm okay with that though.  In the end, through this experience (and all others), my main goal is to teach him that Mommy will support him and be there for him, and allow him an option in the decision-making process.  I thought he'd WANT to do swim lessons, which is why I signed him up.  I certainly didn't expect him to become a pro in eight lessons, but I hope the lesson of learning that Mommy supports him hopefully outweighed the fear from the first day.

Before his lesson began, he was so excited!!!

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