Tuesday, July 30

Jackson is THREE

June 24, 2013

My sweet Jack Jack,
I don't even have the words for you.  You have always been and still are my sweet, sweet boy.  You melt me and get your way with me, it's definitely not fair!  You are talking non-stop now, and the conversations you and I have are always so fun and silly.  Just this morning you were picking out your clothes to wear and you were being so silly, giggling and laughing as I sat on your little toddler bed.  You have millions of questions for me but one of the silliest things about you is that you copy what everyone else says, and sometimes I don't even think you realize you're doing it until I look at you and give you a silly look, and you melt into laughter.  You LOVE Jesus and your favorite books is a children's version of Stations of the Cross- you call it "My Jesus Book" and you are always so concerned that they killed Jesus, but then turn the pages and say, "He comes back!"  You play mass and altar server and I can't help but wonder what God has in store for your precious little soul.  I hope you're always able to hear Him in your life, and always have the will and the strength to follow the path he has for you- THE perfect path for YOU.  My sweet guy, my baby.  I will cuddle you for as long as you let me, cover you in tickles and kisses and prayers and love.


I have always tried to respect your will and your autonomy, from the first day of your life.  It's difficult for you to visit the doctor or dentist, or even try swim lessons, but you and I always get through those days with me feeling like you've had your say in the matter, even though you're still a little guy.  You're stinking smart though, and you know it.  Some people- even me sometimes- might label you a "mama's boy" but I think you just know what you want- and you typically want me!  You want to be comfortable in your surroundings before you try something new.  You want to know I'm nearby and that you're safe.  I don't mind that you're a mama's boy- because you're definitely a daddy's boy too!  You play silly games with Daddy, Luke, and Beth, and you love playing with your family members and a few friends whom you see on a regular basis.  You'll always be safe with us, baby; we will always take care of you.

birthday present- a big boy bike

I love you, Mr. Silly Boy, Uncle Meyer, Cinnamon Cocoa, and all those other silly nicknames you give yourself.  Until you're done playing and you say, "No, I'm big boy, I'm three.  I'm Jackson Paul."  Yes, you are big boy, and we love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jack Jack!

Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

What a sweet post to your little guy! He is so sweet and I love his precious smile!

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