Friday, July 5

Beth's Big Hair Cut

Before- she looks terrified!
After a few super-hot days, Beth decided it was time to cut her hair!  We talked about donating it, so she agreed to cut it to her shoulders with my claim that it would be much much cooler for the summertime!  It was important to me that SHE was the one to make the decision, and once she did we scheduled the appointment with my hair stylist, and she got it cut!  She took off about 10 inches!

After- "Mommy it's all gone!"
Time for her first real hairstyling appointment!

She LOVES her haircut.  It's so cute and she agrees that it's cooler, and she was surprised at how much less time it takes to dry!  We still haven't sent her ponytail off to donate yet but we'll try to get that done soon.  I love her summertime style!

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