Tuesday, July 2


For anyone who hasn't heard the news yet: I'm expecting!

I conceived only about a couple of weeks after my March loss, giving this baby an expected due date of December 28, 2013.  Yes, that is one day after Beth's 7th birthday!  Given my history of going "late" with my pregnancies, I have a feeling this baby might be a 2014 baby after all.  I am currently 14 weeks pregnant, have seen this baby once at an ultrasound visit at around 8 weeks, and just yesterday I heard the heartbeat on an external doppler monitor.  It was in the 160s- happy happy happy baby.  All I could think of was, "Thank you Jesus for the gift of this life."

We have told all friends and family, everyone has known for quite awhile now.  As I start to show, everyone else is finding out too.  I have no problem telling the world; my blog readers know I am an open book!  We have received mostly excited, joy-filled congratulations, but a few comments have been full of misunderstanding from people who don't know us all that well.  I am not a person who gets offended easily so it doesn't bother me, but I was pondering that until we- as a society- learn to accept that a baby is a gift and a unique, individual being from the moment of conception, there will always be "those" sorts of comments when a mother announces a pregnancy.

10 weeks
 I grieve for anyone who thinks that children are a burden.  Yes, they can be difficult to handle sometimes, but I don't think that's their fault.  They are establishing identity and autonomy...growing up. It's in my human weakness that I fail to understand how to best care for them during these difficult times, because I myself am not perfect.  They are not me, despite our similarities, and when I treat them as a miniature adult instead of a learning child, I am the one with the problem.  I don't want to give of myself enough for them; I am the one failing to sacrifice for them. But they are not the burden.

In the eyes of the Lord, who breathed LIFE into each of us at the moment of our conception, we are individual and unique and HIS.  We are not parasites living off of our mother's bodies.  We are not small blobs of tissue. Even if our mother's didn't plan for us, we are wanted by Him, still created for a purpose and with meaning!

13 weeks
 So even though this baby was planned and very much wanted, please rethink calling me a baby-making machine or telling me I'm just "popping them out."  Granted, most of these people don't know my history, but these attitudes are that of a culture that does not respect life.  It's hurtful and rude to someone who loves life and experienced pregnancy loss.  I am following God's plan for my life by taking part in his creative power and creating souls for Him.  I hope I am able to pass on to my children the gift that they are to me and to Him, even if other people don't see the value and worth in each of our lives.


Anonymous said...

Stephie, you are an excellent writer.

It is very nice to see someone encapsulate in perfect words what a new child really is in the world... a being created by and a gift from God.

Awesome essay, please write more!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Beautifully written.

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