Saturday, April 6

Valentine's Day

We spent the first part of Valentine's Day at a party for our girls/boys clubs that we belong to.  They made mailboxes (with the special help of Grandma and Grandpa since I was at a birth the day before!) and exchanged Valentines with their friends.  It was a gorgeous day at the park, and the boys did their thing and fed/chased ducks, played with sticks and friends, and nearly fell into the water several times, while Beth danced with the older kids.  We had a picnic lunch with the whole group before we left.

By the time we got home, it was about time to get ready for our annual Valentine's day family date night!  We dressed up nicely as usual and I had time to grab a few pictures before we left.  They were already all a little tired from being outside all morning; Jack didn't feel like taking nice pictures before we left!

I brought a plethora of cards and notes to dinner.  We received a few in the mail and Ryan had made notes for each of the kids.  Beth and Luke made cards for everyone.  I think I brought a stack of 30-40 envelopes for us all to open!  That kept them busy while we were waiting for our dinner- I must remember this trick next year!

After dinner we walked over to the mall to ride the carousel, then went to the bookstore for a little bit.  We considered buying everyone their own books for a special treat but by this time... pushing 8 pm... they were ALL done and ready to go home.  We had a long, full, fun day!  So we picked up our car from valet (another special Valentine's day treat!) and went home for the night!

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