Saturday, April 6

Soccer Player!

Here are a few photos from Luke's soccer games.  He began playing on a local league in February.  Ryan is the assistant coach of the team (our friend is the head coach and Luke's friend is on the team).  They practice every Friday night and have games every Saturday morning.  Grandma and Grandpa have been faithful supporters- I think it brings back memories of when they were watching Ryan play soccer so very many years ago. :-)  So far being a soccer mom is pretty easy since Ryan is the one taking him to practice and coaching his games! ;-)

First soccer practice!  He was so excited to go- but poor guy, he was cold!

Not sure what he's pointing at, but that's Luke with his arm up!

Jack on the sidelines... He found a stick, of course.

So proud of his first game!

From a game a couple of weeks ago. 

And here is a photo from today.   He scored his second goal!  Ryan said we need to work on how he celebrates- we were all cheering for him and he kind of shrugged it off.  So modest! :-)


 He has a few more weeks of the season left, then I guess we'll talk about if he will join the summer league.  I have a feeling he'll want to!  I know Beth does, she is chomping at the bit ready to play!

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