Tuesday, April 2

Another Saint in Heaven

Ryan and I are sad yet proud to announce that we have another child in Heaven with our Lord.  Our baby, whom we named Veronica, was born into our Lord's arms on Thursday, March 21, at only 5.5 weeks gestation.  She wasn't with us for very long, but just like our first saint, Samuel, she made a huge impact on our lives and will continue to be in our hearts until we can hold her in Heaven.  A few friends and family members knew about it during the time and helped take care of us as we mourned, and it's still very early for me to talk about it openly.  We appreciate the love and care we received during that time; how beautiful it was for others to recognize that this baby was a very real part of our lives, even for the short period of time she was with us!!! 

There isn't much more for me to say about this except that please pray that God's will be done in our lives.  We would love to be blessed with another child on Earth, but I am beginning to wonder if the desire in my heart to have a large family was misunderstood by me.  I have five children- three on Earth and two in Heaven.  I ask that none of you forget that, because the two in Heaven are just as much a part of my family as Beth, Luke, and Jack are!

Saint Samuel and Saint Veronica, pray for us!


Brandi tejeda said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been praying for you.

Lauren said...

So sorry Steph. Lots of hugs. Veronica is a beautiful name.

Suzi said...

I'm so sorry, Stephanie. I know your pain. I have 6 on earth & 5 in Heaven. When I talked to a priest about it, he told me until I see the Beautific Vision I will not be able to understand why God needs these little souls in Heaven. But when I get there I'll know how much work for the souls on earth that they do praying for us & specifically for your family. May the Blessed Mother keep you lovingly under her mantle. God Bless!

Neen said...

I am so joyful to learn that another life has been lived in His honor. God bless you in your human suffering but I am sure HE rejoices with the addes blessing in Heaven!

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