Saturday, April 6

A Day at the Symphony

So sweet and innocent looking
Last week we took a field trip to the Houston Symphony to listen to a concert for school kids.  We sat in a balcony because that's where they assigned out homeschool group, and I nearly had a heart attack as they kept trying to look over the ledge!  After the concert got started they sat back and listened and participated.  We had been listening to the music selections all week so they were familiar with what was coming up.  Their favorite was In the Hall of the Mountain King by Greig.  We had played a game with it where I pretended to be a bear, slowing sneaking up on them, and as the music got louder and faster I'd move faster... Which ultimately the game turned into me chasing them around the school room!  Needless to say, that was their favorite song!

After the concert was over we went to a nearby park to have our picnic lunch that I'd brought.  And would you believe that so far away from home, we actually ran into some friends!  So we ate with them (they were having a picnic too!) before we left for home!

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