Monday, March 18

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I know I said I wouldn't apologize for being neglectful of this blog, but I bet no one even comes here to read it anymore so I'll throw my apology out to the universe: I'm sorry! 

I have no pics but I'll write a bit right now just because I always tell myself, "I have to remember to blog about this!" then I don't...

What's happened?  Why don't I have time to do this anymore?  I posted several times a week when I had an infant... I'd think I'd have more free time now but I don't?  I guess I allot my time differently now?  I try not to get on the computer as much during the day because it can be very distracting.  I hardly use my camera anymore and I lost Photoshop when we installed Windows 8 about two- three months ago.  I spend time on my doula blog but certainly not as much as I'd like!

Anyways, I'll continue to ramble. 

We're practically done with our kitchen remodel.  The only thing left is one little "surprise"  that I was going to finish up (Ryan doesn't know what it is- and it's nothing huge, just something I wanted to do) and I just haven't had the time to do it.  So once I get that part done (I'm aiming for this weekend) then I'll take pics and attempt to post the second part of our kitchen rennoavation.

I got sick in February for about 3 weeks.  It wasn't the flu, but it was some nasty head cold that migrated from my nose to my ears to my chest, then it finished up in a grand finale when all my previous symptoms came back at once to haunt me.  No one else got sick but me.  I think it was because I spend so much time making sure the kids eat well that I always wind up eating the leftovers and scraps and food from the pantry.  Ryan is really good about remembering to take his vitamins and supplements, which leaves me and my little old weak immune system to duke out this 3-week monster cold.  Oh well, at least my immune system is stronger now... But now I have seasonal allergies!  I can't win!  At least it's beautiful weather outside; the light streaming through the windows into the kitchen in the morning REALLY makes a difference in how I mentally feel.  It's amazing what a little natural sunlight can do! 

We took last week "off" for Spring Break.  Really, what happened was we didn't do formal school but we had a few field trips and when we came home I had Beth work on some things relating to what she learned.  So, we had sneaky school- the best kind!  We also did a special unit on studying about the Papal Conclave and about our new Pope Francis!  We were in the car on the way home from the plant nursery when they announced his name, so I pulled over and Beth and I watched it on my phone while the boys slept.  Then I gave her the phone for the rest of the trip back to the house so she could watch and hopefully remember that special day. 

We were at the plant nursery because we've started our new project (without completely finishing the first one... I know...) and built two raised vegetable garden beds and a long bed up against the side of the fence for cutting flowers and some fruits.  This has been a relatively easy project for me- physically demanding for Ryan as he's had to shovel and move several yards of dirt and mulch, but for me it's been sort of easy. ;-)  The kids have had fun getting totally dirty and sincerely helping shovel the dirt into their kid-sized wheelbarrow and moving it into the backyard.  Hopefully we'll get some food out of this!

Beth is continuing to do well with school.  She's reading very well, she says math is her favorite subject, and she would like to be an illustrator when she grows up.  She illustrated practically everything right now, so I can't say that I'm surprised- she's a beautiful artist!  I really want to enroll her in some art classes to foster this love of hers!

Luke started on a soccer team in February, and Ryan is the assistant coach of the team.  They practice every Friday night then have a game on Saturday morning.  His team consists of 6 players, and they take turns playing games of 3-on-3, so each kid gets lots of playing time and it's not a huge competition to get the ball.  As it is, they're a bunch of 4-year-olds running around and having a good time- but some of them are pretty serious too!  Luke is REALLY into knights right now, every day he slays dragons for me and then 20 minutes later he puts on his construction man uniform and asks me what he can repair around the house.  We're looking forward to the days when he can actually do some real projects!

Jack has dropped his naps.  I feel like that's made a huge impact on our days now because we don't really HAVE to be home for rest time anymore.  When we are home (most days), the kids still have an hour in which they have to go to their bedrooms so Mommy can have some quiet time, and Jack hasn't quite figured this out yet.  He's still so young to have dropped his nap- not even 3!  Luke was still napping just a few months ago!  Different kid, different needs- I know.  But seriously.  :-/  He's also very into parroting everything that Luke does, and I mean everything.  Sometimes Luke likes this and sometimes he doesn't! 

Hopefully I can post some pics soon, we are going to take pictures in the blue bonnets tomorrow!


Lindsey Wilson said...

Hi Stephanie! I still check in! Great to see you post, and it sounds like you've been wonderfully busy (expect for the sickness, boo!). We are not so efficient but we're staying busy too, and thanking God for our new Pope Francis!

Hope to see you again soon!

Nicole said...

I'm still reading too! Keep posting! :)

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