Sunday, June 24

Two Years Old

Our "baby" is two today!  Happy birthday Jack!

This little boy... I feel silly calling him my "baby" but as long as he's my youngest child I think he'll be blessed with that nickname. :-)  I feel so lucky to be his Mommy!

Friday, June 22

Day Trip to the Beach

A couple of weeks ago, after my brother's graduation ceremony, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach.  The seaweed was gross but I tried not to project my repulsion of it onto the kids, ha!  It didn't bother them, they'd walk on it and pick it up without any problem!  I can't even begin to express how much fun they had.  Once Jack decided to step into the water, he was giggling and laughing, running back and forth away from the waves.  It was precious!  Beth and Luke preferred being in the "deep water" with Ryan, but they each got lost in their own worlds digging for clams and splashing in the surf.  I want so badly to take them back on a regular basis, it's quite a road trip for us though!  I hope we get to have a seaside vacation this year!


We've spent lots of afternoons outside, of course it's too hot just to play to the kids insist on wearing swimsuits in the pool.  I guess running through the sprinkler in play clothes just isn't proper!  It's hot... And the mosquitoes are bad.  We spray them with herbal repellant but I always hesitate to put too much on their faces when they're in the water, it always runs and stings their eyes.  But when Jack gets bitten, it's bad.  I can't remember if I've posted this or not but his eye has swollen nearly completely shut 2 or 3 times because of bites on his forehead.  Ryan wants to buy one of those machines that traps the mosquitoes (a mosquito magnet?) and we do our best to make sure the water is dumped out so we kill any larvae, but they're still awful.  Luckily Beth and Luke don't react anymore (Luke used to get pretty big welts from bites, but only under his hairline) so I just have to keep a hawk eye on Jack.

Here's an older pic of Ryan finishing the fence!  So proud of you for working so hard for our family, we definitely enjoy cool early mornings in the backyard without fear of random dogs trotting through our yard!  I've also been able to add to my backyard gardens, no veggies at this point but maybe one day.  We also planted a few trees that we've had in pots on our porch for several years!  I have many more ideas for sprucing up the backyard but I have to put these projects on hold because I now have some indoor projects lined up next!

Monday, June 11

Two Weeks Have Passed...

As I sit here on June 11 and realize it's been 2 weeks since my last post, I realize how sad I am that I've neglected this blog lately.  It's my chronicle of our life, it's my children's "baby books."  But I can also assure you that the past two weeks have been so insanely busy, and that the rest of June will be quite busy too.

For the record, Friday June 1 we hosted a party for my brother, who graduated from medical school on Saturday June 2.  My mom, sister, and I really wanted to give him a special party and we spent the whole week preparing for things- getting the house ready, planning food and decor, shopping, making items for the party.  It was fun but busy!  Then on Friday we had a mini family photo shoot, went out to dinner, and came home to find our first guests waiting for us!  Oops!  I think the party was lovely, we celebrated with a wine-and-cheese/California theme, included a (sort of lame attempt at a) photobooth, a "wish" tree for guests to write and hang notes from, toasts, and of course lots of food and drinks!  My sister made a super-cool cake!  I had my camera set up for the photo booth so I don't have many photos, I hope that people will email me pics from the party!
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