Saturday, December 29

Tailgating in Aggieland

This year we tailgated with our friends at the first Aggie game back in September.  Yes, I realize that was several months ago!  So I'm a little behind. :-)  Beth and Luke were in awe of everything going on around us- the thousands of people, the corps marching into the stadium and the band, Rudder Fountain, and everything else!  It was my first time to be back since the MSC had been remodeled- wow!  I am having a bit of a difficult time comprehending that it's been 7 years since my time on campus, but on the other hand it definitely feels like a lifetime ago! 

Funny story- we were walking through the MSC area heading toward the stadium, and the crowd was thick.  I have my hair back and my sunglasses on, I think I had Jack in my sling but I don't remember.  I do know that Ryan had Beth and Luke with him.  So I'm walking through the crowd (sort of alone since Ryan is about 30 feet ahead of me) and a woman stops me and asks if I'm Michael's sister.  I say yes, I have a brother named Michael, then she told me that she follows my blog and told me that my kids were sweet and a few other nice things.  I have to admit, I was a little flattered but also very weirded out!  I know I've always kept my blog public but this was one of those strange times that a person- a very nice person in this instance, luckily- could pick me out of a crowd of thousands!

I've often wondered about making my blog private but on the other hand I've shared things here that I feel are motivating and helpful to other moms who read here.  At least that's what I've been told. :-)  So for now I'll keep it public...For now...

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Neen said...

I am loving that my blog is public. Over the last year I have become good friends with a few moms online. I am now also friends on facebook and we share Christmas cards and such. I think the blog world needs us. Strong Catholic moms that tell it like it is. We are not talking about "hooking" up or the latest drinks. We only know fashions that apply to the real world. We are lucky to have each other and our BOL group, others don't have that support. They need to know that there are a few of us "cool" moms out there that are still married to the dads of our children and we still try to cook a real meal for our kids. I understand wanting privacy but I also see your witness as a wonderful thing.

On a other note, I can tell who reads my blog because when we are all the the park I will hear someone call my kids by their blog names and not their real names. It always makes me giggle.

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