Saturday, December 29

Coming Soon

It's so strange to me that something that was such a huge part of my life feels like such a stranger now...  I have lots of fun things to write about but my current excuse is that my computer is acting like a piece of junk.  Remember when I got this thing when Luke was a baby?  Yeah, I blogged about it, because I blogged about everything then. ;-)  It's been a little over three years, I feel like a computer should last longer than that!  Whatever the case, tomorrow we're going to wipe out the hard drive on this bad boy and see if starting all over again with Windows 8 will help anything, so tonight I'm in high-gear trying to make sure every little file is backed up!  If it doesn't help then I anticipate a new Mac in my future (though I'd really rather wait and not drop money on a new computer right after the holidays!).

Just to keep you waiting, here's what I have coming up on my blog...

1. Goodbye Austin
2. From Beth's Point of View
3. An Escape to Jamaica
4. We Like to Work Under Pressure (aka Our New Kitchen!)
5. Cousins!
6. The Christmas Holiday and All 700 Photos That I Took
7. Beth is 6!
8. Goodbye 2012

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