Friday, November 16


We had great plans this year for Beth to be a flower and Jack to be a dalmatian to accompany firefighter Luke.  However, after I started making Jack's costume, he refused to put it on, so we defaulted to our dress up clothes. ;-)  I procrastinated Beth's flower costume and didn't get that done either, so she borrowed a Rapunzel dress from a friend and we told her to wear her long hair out in front. :-)

Ryan carved a pumpkin on Halloween, convincing the kids to try to help him pull out the seeds:

Beth laughed and thought it was funny because they were slimy.

Jack refused to put his hand in, completely unexcited about the prospect of getting dirty.

Luke tried but was also unimpressed with pulling out those "yucky" seeds.

So Beth helped Ryan design the pumpkin's face and Ryan did all the carving, as usual.  I don't know why they didn't like to get messy- maybe it's because it was on purpose... Because usually they have no problem getting messy on accident!

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