Sunday, September 23

Weeks 3 and 4 of School

The first question everyone asks me lately is, "How is school going?"  I'm happy to report that we are still schooling on our regular schedule!  It's pretty much what I expected it to be, some days are much better and a few days haven't been great, but I hear that's pretty common for everyone. :-)  

We have been blessed with some lovely weather lately, it's been cooling down to the 90s (!!!) and some morning have even dipped into the low 70s.  Nearly every morning the kids ask almost immediately to go outside, and some days they'll eat out there and other days they'll play for an hour or so.  They also play outside before and after lunch (after we're done with school), and in the evening if the mosquitoes aren't too bad.  I am SO happy we built our fence earlier this summer!  It's been so good for them to be outside.  A couple of weeks ago it rained for a few days in a row, and I could tell they were getting antsy from being inside too much.  I can't wait for it to cool down enough to kill the mosquitoes, and we can really enjoy the backyard even more.

 Two weeks ago, I organized a baking class at our home for 5 other early elementary students.  It was the feast day of the holy name of Mary, so we baked gluten free sugar cookies and they cut out Mary's name using my cookie cutters.  The kids has so much fun making a HUGE mess on our table, and in the end the cookies actually turned out delicious!  We will have the class at our home one time per month, and each time we'll make something different.

This was one of our projects last week.  We were studying God's creation, and I asked them to cut out pictures from magazines of things from God's creation and glue them to a banner.  I have to say that cutting is one of the best activities ever, even Jack can get in on it and they all LOVE it.  I think we'll be doing a lot of cutting activities!

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Grandma and grandpa said...

We were wondering how school is going! They look pretty focused. The cooking class sounds like fun...especially sampling the cookies! Will see you all soon!

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