Monday, September 10

Lunch time

Today's lunch was outside while we listened to cicadas, construction workers building a new house, and chirping hummingbirds. Immediately following was swinging, see-sawing, flipping,  trike riding, butterfly watching, and pretending to be firefighters. My phone says it's 76 but I think its closer to lower 80s; nice in the shade but a bit warm in the sun!


grandma c said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to enjoy nature. Enjoy these beautiful "fall" days!

Lindsey Wilson said...

I am so ready for someone to put those cicadas out of their misery! (Here's where the nature-lover in me roots for the cicada-killer wasp!) Their sound is driving me up the wall, like it always does at this time of year, when summer keeps hanging on and outstaying its welcome. I only realized recently how electric--like a transformer or power line or something--the cicada's sound can be. I noticed specifically that it cuts off like a light switch being flipped at the end of the call.

Love your post and that you're homeschooling outside. :) Especially cool that you heard chirping hummingbirds! That's new to me!

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