Sunday, August 19

Ryan's Birthday

Birthday Brunch!  We had special chocolate chip waffles with whipped cream, and mimosas for Mommy and Daddy!
 Happy Birthday Ryan!  We love you and we hope you had a great day!  Thank you for "giving up" your birthday celebration this year so that we could have my party.  Today was all about you, from a special brunch (which made for happy kids- maybe we should always put chocolate chips in their waffles?) to a looong afternoon nap, to some lazy evening grilling and dinner.  I hope you had a nice day, despite having to do some serious post-party cleanup!  Thank you for being the "king" of our house, we love you!
A new CD, a complete surprise since I had no idea who the band was or what song they sang that Ryan liked.  I'm sort of magical though, and somehow figured it out. ;-)

A new trick!

Random picture- but I have gourds growing!  A seed from a tossed-out gourd from last fall actually grew, and it's taking over our fence.  I love it!

It goes all the way to the back gate, I've only counted a handful of actual gourds growing but there are so many flowers!

Daddy with his 3 babies. <3>

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grandma and grandpa said...

Great pictures of a happy daddy! Happy Birthday to you!!!

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