Sunday, August 26

A Sneak Peek at our School Room

I have a long post brewing about our new school room, but I haven't put pen to paper yet, so to speak.  Ryan and I painted our upstairs gameroom, which really had no purpose up to this point, but will now be our school room.  We built some desks for the kids and painted a coffee table from freecycle.  We have two free couches and a free chair, some hand-me-down bookshelves, and a few other various very cheap/free items, that had all been placed in this room because we had no other place for them in our house.  So the room is sort of a hodge podge of stuff, and doesn't look like the beautiful school rooms I see on other people's cute blogs, but I think it's going to function very well for us!

A few before pictures:
this color is the color that our entire house was before we started to paint downstairs.  only a few rooms of this color are left!

As I moved the furniture, I saw some writing on the wall that Beth had left from last year... Just a few pencil letters and stick figures but it was sort of sweet to stumble upon them. :-)

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Lindsey Wilson said...

It looks AWESOME, Stephanie! I love it! The green is so bold and fresh, fun and inspiring. It is also peaceful. How did you manage to pick the single color that can be all those things?! :) Great job!

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