Wednesday, July 18

Lazy Days

I am so very much enjoying our lazy summer.  We had swim lessons for the first two weeks in June, then after that I have done pretty much NOTHING.  We've had playdates with long-lost friends that I wish we could see more often, we've gone to the library, we've played inside and outside.  Most importantly, we've not had anything scheduled- no meetings, no ballet or gymnastics, no nothing.  We're working on our own schedule, so there's no rushing out the door to make it somewhere by a certain time.  How wonderful!

I feel like I've just really needed this, and by actually being sort of lazy I'm watching the kids grow up in a different way.  The three of them have been playing really well lately together, playing for an hour at a time with minimal involvement from me needed.  Usually it ends in someone getting a bump or bruise, but for the most part it's some serious make-believe play from everyone. 

Beth has become less concerned, not asking "what are we going to do next?" as often as she used to!

Beth and Luke wanted to wear their babies using my Moby wrap and a rebozo that I use with my doula clients (what Jack is wearing).  We found another piece of fabric for Luke to wear his baby, but I didn't get a photo!  All three of them played Mommy and Daddy for the rest of the day.


Neen said...

They really are so precious. They will grow up loving each other and little ones. It is very Christ like to love like that.

grandma c said...

Such cuties...and so sweet! They make me melt....they are so darn cute.

ashley said...


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