Monday, June 11

Two Weeks Have Passed...

As I sit here on June 11 and realize it's been 2 weeks since my last post, I realize how sad I am that I've neglected this blog lately.  It's my chronicle of our life, it's my children's "baby books."  But I can also assure you that the past two weeks have been so insanely busy, and that the rest of June will be quite busy too.

For the record, Friday June 1 we hosted a party for my brother, who graduated from medical school on Saturday June 2.  My mom, sister, and I really wanted to give him a special party and we spent the whole week preparing for things- getting the house ready, planning food and decor, shopping, making items for the party.  It was fun but busy!  Then on Friday we had a mini family photo shoot, went out to dinner, and came home to find our first guests waiting for us!  Oops!  I think the party was lovely, we celebrated with a wine-and-cheese/California theme, included a (sort of lame attempt at a) photobooth, a "wish" tree for guests to write and hang notes from, toasts, and of course lots of food and drinks!  My sister made a super-cool cake!  I had my camera set up for the photo booth so I don't have many photos, I hope that people will email me pics from the party!

The next day we all woke up very early to drive to the coast for his graduation ceremony.  Afterward my little family had planned to stay and play at the beach for the afternoon, the kids had so much fun but this was Jack's first time to really be able to play at the beach.  Last year he pretty much ate sand and splashed in the shallow waves!  He was running back and forth as the waves came in, giggling the sweetest, most excited little boy giggle.  It was one of those moments where my I thought my heart would burst with love! <3

We had dinner on the island at a restaurant with a "gluten free" menu... sigh... Their idea of gluten free was don't put a bun on the hamburger.  I guess that's common but since we don't go out to eat much I was a little frustrated, especially since I knew there was a nearby gluten free bakery! 

On our way back home Ryan dropped me off to meet my sister and brother (and his friends) to go out for the evening for more celebration, and he drove the kids home and put them to bed while I went out and partied. :-)  At dinner with them we saw the celebrity who gave his commencement speech at graduation, and my brother was courageous enough to approach her, compliment her on a nice speech, and request a photo.  It was really neat!

My sister and I drove home that night and the next day we were finally able to start cleaning up after the party.  We were all pretty exhausted but luckily the three of us got things done in a couple of hours!  My brother drove by to say goodbye before leaving for his new residence- California!

The following day was Monday the 4th, the kid's first day of swim lessons.  They are taking lessons with a lady who teaches from her own backyard pool in small classes of 5, from the recommendation of a friend.  Their first 4 classes were last week, and I am very surprised at how well Luke is doing!  The first few days are not only learning how to get in the pool and get their heads under water comfortably, but they're learning how to kick and use their arms to swim across the pool. I  think Beth will be doing it by the end of this week, and while Luke isn't quite there yet he is pretty fearless!  They have 3 more days left (8 lessons total) and I hope we're able to swim a lot this summer so they can continue to learn instead of forget what they know!

On Friday, June 8, Beth had her third ballet production!  Rehearsal was on Thursday afternoon and Beth was begging to go on the stage and watch the other ballerinas perform.  She told me she "could have stayed and watched for two whole days!"  Friday was another rehearsal before the actual production, and this year she stayed backstage during the entire performance instead of me pulling her out to come watch.  This is what all of the girls do, I just haven't felt comfortable leaving her backstage in the past for a variety of reasons, a big one being her celiac disease.  A lot of the girls are snacking and putting on lipstick, and I wasn't sure last year how Beth would be able to deal if someone offered her something containing gluten.  She was a big girl this year, had a lot of fun with her friends, and said she loved every minute of it!

I am also eagerly planning Beth's curriculum for the fall.  I am mostly following Level 1B with Mater Amabilis, a Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum.  Level 1B is about the equivalent of first grade despite the fact that I'm considering her to be kindergarten.  I have learned so much over the past few months by deciding to go this route and planning out a curriculum specialized just for her!  We will be avoiding textbooks for the most part, delving into the arts, and learning science, history, English, religion, and Earth studies using "living books."  Math will be a boxed curriculum, most likely Abeka for this first year, and for literature we have lots of classic lit, poetry, tales, and fables.  She will most likely start piano lessons, will continue ballet, and it's my plan to do twice-a-month nature studies.  If you know me, you probably have guessed that I have a nice excel spreadsheet worked up with all of this info, which of course I do, but I'm also trying to be very flexible because I realize that things come up and life happens!

So we have one more week of swim lessons but it's not over after that.  On top of my regularly-schedule client meetings and upcoming births, we have father's day this upcoming weekend (which I have no idea what to do for him, help?), Jack's second birthday (!!!) the following weekend, and friends coming to visit the weekend after that!  At least everything we're doing is fun and exciting!

Hope everyone is having a fun summer!

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Neen said...

Busy busy busy! You have enjoyed your family time I am sure. I hope my children still "party" together when they are all grown up. Good luck the next couple of weeks!

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