Friday, June 22


We've spent lots of afternoons outside, of course it's too hot just to play to the kids insist on wearing swimsuits in the pool.  I guess running through the sprinkler in play clothes just isn't proper!  It's hot... And the mosquitoes are bad.  We spray them with herbal repellant but I always hesitate to put too much on their faces when they're in the water, it always runs and stings their eyes.  But when Jack gets bitten, it's bad.  I can't remember if I've posted this or not but his eye has swollen nearly completely shut 2 or 3 times because of bites on his forehead.  Ryan wants to buy one of those machines that traps the mosquitoes (a mosquito magnet?) and we do our best to make sure the water is dumped out so we kill any larvae, but they're still awful.  Luckily Beth and Luke don't react anymore (Luke used to get pretty big welts from bites, but only under his hairline) so I just have to keep a hawk eye on Jack.

Here's an older pic of Ryan finishing the fence!  So proud of you for working so hard for our family, we definitely enjoy cool early mornings in the backyard without fear of random dogs trotting through our yard!  I've also been able to add to my backyard gardens, no veggies at this point but maybe one day.  We also planted a few trees that we've had in pots on our porch for several years!  I have many more ideas for sprucing up the backyard but I have to put these projects on hold because I now have some indoor projects lined up next!

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grandma c said...

Bunches of cuteness...all the way around!!

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