Friday, April 20

Pantry Redo

Ryan and I have been working on our pantry redo for about a month now, it's been a stop and start project!  Our pantry was still the old nasty flat yellowish paint that dominated our entire home and I wanted to put cabinets in and make it "girly."  Hey, it's my laundry room and pantry, and I wanted one little super-girly room in the house!  It's not done yet because I am being pretty picky about what I want to finish it off with, but I have some ideas!

So to start things off, I didn't get a picture before we started to work, I remembered after I had removed the first wire shelf and most of the contents of the top shelf.  These shelves were (mostly) functional but definitely not pretty.  They had to go.  You can also see the beautiful paint color.


Next we have the opposite side of the room.  This is mostly our school stuff, games, craft supplies, puzzles, and other random kid's stuff.  The top shelf is my liquor cabinet. :-)

Ahh, much better, everything removed. We took off the hideous light fixture too, complete with dead bugs, which added more light to the window-less room.  I hope to get a mini-chandelier, if I can find one for a great price!

Ryan filled all of the holes and we taped off the walls.

We painted and taped using a method I found on pinterest.  Yes, it works very well!  It was a bit of extra work and time, and you need to have two paint colors, but the lines were absolutely perfect.  Not so important in a pantry but now we know for future reference, say... on an accent wall in the master bedroom?  ;-)

It took us a couple of nights of painting to let the coat on the shelves dry before we could start the gray.  We used the same gray in our play room, Dove Tail by Sherwin Williams but color-matched to Behr Premium Flat.  It's a shade darker than the rest of our downstairs but it's hardly noticeable in my opinion.  I just wanted the room dramatic!  I think I got what I wanted!


The last step of placing the cabinets was difficult.  Those beasts are heavy.  We purchased unfinished cabinets from Home Depot and primed then pained them Dover White to match the pantry shelves.  We also cut a piece of wood to make a decorative shelf underneath the cabinets, on which I will place girly, pretty items that make me smile.  The wicker basket full of dirty dish towels will go, but the other paper is a picture Beth drew of some flowers in a blue vase.  That will stay in some capacity!  I also bought light pink glass knobs from Hobby Lobby for the cabinets!  What do you think?

The other side of the pantry got a mini-makeover.  I purchased some new boxes to attempt to sort our craft supplies and so far they work well but I'm just having to re-learn where I put everything!

And finally, the door.  I painted this door several times to find the right look.  First was a plain green-blue color that wasn't the right shade for me, so I picked more of a turquoise for the second color after priming it again.  I liked that color for the most part but the plain turquoise door was too... plain?  Boring?  So I tried to liven it up by "antiquing" it with the Dove Tail gray paint, but that was too much so I put more turquoise on top.  I thought it was good not great, so I plucked my wreath off the door and voila! 

Since taking this photo last week I've since changed out the wreath holder for a sheer white ribbon and it looks much better!  I love these colors, they make me so happy!  I will most definitely be adding hints of yellow, turquoise, and pink around the rest of the downstairs!

So while the entire project is not quite done, I wanted to share because I don't think it will be completely finished for still quite awhile.  I'm very picky about accessories- I don't like just anything, I like them to be meaningful and serve a purpose!  I was considering a vinyl wall quote on the inside of the pantry above all of the food, but I'm not sure what I want it to say.  And I plan to paint my broom holder that Ryan made for me to match the door, as well as a picture frame to put on my shelf.  Bits of this and that, but those are the things that come together for me over time.  I'm so happy with our "new" laundry room/pantry!


Blair said...

It looks great, Stephanie! I love the colors, and the shelves look so nice and organized. Enjoy your new space!

Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

Super cute girl! Yall did a great job!

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