Wednesday, April 4


Luke is almost 3.5.  Wha wha whaaat?  He has gone through and recently come out of a growth spurt... I say "come out of a growth spurt" because it's like he was a tea kettle, slowly simmering.  For months he was simmering... he discovered how to test my every boundary and push every limit I've ever placed on him.  It wasn't a great time for him and me, I've realized that he and I are a LOT alike in some ways and it's made it very difficult for me to discipline him when he can get into my head!  It's like he knows what I'm going to say and he knows exactly how to ignore me while annoying the heck out of me!  It's kind of crazy that over the past month, the steam from his tea kettle has been released and he's now functioning very well at a new level.  He and I are both functioning well together.

How do I know that he's over this growth spurt?  For one, his physical body has grown.  His foot grew about a size and a half and his body has thinned out and looks more like a big kid and less like a toddler.  In fact, I was wondering if Jack had gained some weight or something because their body builds are very different right now!
Besides Luke's physical growth, he's experienced an emotional growth as well.  He says, "Mommy, I love you." about 100 times a day, and he says the same to Ryan.  It's so sweet but as I realized it was something he was continuing to say over the weeks it's given me the opportunity to grow closer to him.  It's almost like it's his way of saying, "Mom, I know I've been really difficult the past few months, but we both came out alright and I still love you."  So when he says it, I stop what I'm doing and I look him in the eyes and I tell him how much I love him.  We just say it over and over again until one of us giggles, and it's usually one of the sweetest moments from my day.

His mental growth continues as he learns his letters and their sounds, and he's drawing recognizable people now.  He still loves to sit and read, pretend to weed whack and mow (though his beloved weed whacker has been demoted to an outdoor-only toy now!) and always wants to help me "do a chore."

I'm so glad that we're done with that phase because it was hard.  It was hard for both him and me, and now that his body and his mind have come out of this phase we can move on.  I'm loving these moments of sweetness from him and I pray that he'll never be too grown up to tell me he loves me!

Unfortunately I don't have any current pictures because I haven't used my camera much lately.  I would have taken some today but the boys both broke out with chicken pox today!  I'll get some new pics soon!

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Neen said...

Happy chicken pox. Ah so much fun. Those "I love you"s are what life is all about!

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