Monday, April 2

Chicken Pox!

Bethie G. got the chicken pox!  She started with a fever on Monday, March 19 and broke out with her spots on the next day.  She was seriously itchy for only a couple of days and then after that it's been pretty easy for her.  I found the best "medicine" was distraction, luckily we had some beautiful weather so we spent a lot of time outside riding bikes and we kept on going with her schoolwork because she wanted to.  She really felt fine the entire time which sort of surprised me!  I also used pure lavender oil to stop the itching and gave her some watered-down lavender oil in a spray bottle for her to use whenever she wanted.  She took lots of showers and had a few oatmeal baths (gluten-free oatmeal steeped in a pillow case!).  I also gave her some children's Claritin for her first two nights because she wasn't able to sleep, but other than that we just let it run its course.  I am happy she will have a natural immunity to it because contracting chicken pox as an older teen/woman can potentially cause fertility issues and I don't want her to have to deal with that.  Right now she has a few scabs left (today marks three weeks since her fever) but I'm certain this is the end of it.  The boys haven't gotten sick yet but I don't see how they won't get it! Hopefully their cases will be as easy as Beth's was!

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