Sunday, April 1

Bluebonnet Photos

Last Sunday we traveled out of town!  My parents left the country to Italy and on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate their anniversary, so to help out we stayed with my two youngest brothers for a few days until they got back.  We had a fun time while we were there, Ryan came with us so we made a vacation out of it!  On our way there we passed a huge field full of bluebonnets so we pulled over to get our annual photos.  The sun was way too bright and the kids were sleepy, but it was the best we could do this year!  Here are some of the best ones, unfortunately I'm not thrilled with any of them...I plan to play with these in photoshop and clean them up a bit and maybe that will help.

After my parents got back from their trip, we also celebrated my Mom's birthday!  For her gift I contacted her friends and family and asked everyone to write down a memory of them with my Mom, then I packaged them all together.

We came home from our trip and later that night I was called in to attend a birth!  Ryan wound up taking Friday off too since I was up all night and we've had a productive couple of days at home.  We're finishing up a project that I'll soon share, and Ryan's had to take care of a few random things around the house like fixing toilets. Last Friday I also marked the next step of my career as a doula: I sent off my certification packet!
This means I'm DONE with my paperwork!  There was a lot for me to do in order to get to this step, it took me a year!  Hopefully I'll hear from them within a month or two and then I get to add some initials behind my name. I'm so excited that it's gone!  This has been my main focus recently, and now that it's done I am going to start focusing my attention on our fall curriculum.  We're going to mostly follow the Mater Amabilis curriculum, but I still have a lot to figure out between now and then!

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