Friday, February 24

My Babies

Playing with matching cards.  Found out that if we do it on the stair case, he can be super wiggly and do "donkey kicks" while working!

One of his favorite places to play- Mommy and Daddy's bed!  I don't know why I bother to make our bed every day!

Love this pic of Luke.  They both love playing in our bed so much, they always wind up wrestling- good thing it's a king size!

This little girlie loves her new helmet.  She's doing "tricks" on her scooter now, I'll need to take a video soon!
Another busy week gone by...  I had two evening meetings with clients, we're dealing with getting Ryan's car fixed, Jack got a little cold on Wednesday (and therefore hasn't been napping) and today Beth developed a fever.  We've been so fortunate to hardly be sick this winter!  Our last fever episode was in November when we were taking our family photos... I have noticed that they hadn't been sick but I didn't actually want to say it out loud! 

Tomorrow I'm attending a half-day retreat with a Catholic author/blogger, Rachel Balducci.  I'm traveling with some girlfriends and I'm really looking forward to the outing!  Ryan has spent a couple of his nights this week assembling his new basketball goal... He said, "It's not as easy as Ikea furniture!"  Ha ha! 

He also gave in and mowed our backyard today... The weeds were tall but the ground was wet.  Now, I haven't complained much about our yard (on my blog, I complain in real life too much!) but it's seriously a marsh.  The off-and-on rain, in conjunction with our aerobic septic tank that sprays our yard every morning, means we have sitting water at some point at all times.  The yard is 85% weeks, 5% grass, 10% crawfish holes.  We can't play out in the back at all.  For me, it's very frustrating because part of the reason we moved into this house nearly two years ago was because we wanted a big yard- and now we can't even use it!  The kids desperately need outdoor time, and I'm thankful we have a long driveway that they can ride their bikes on since we have no sidewalks in our neighborhood.  But not being able to use our backyard is very frustrating for me.  We've decided that before we add our fence (which our landowner's association has so graciously approved), we're going to add MORE dirt to the backyard and add new sod to a good portion of it.  We don't know what else to do!  I'm hoping we can get this project done soon so that we can get our fence in once the weather starts getting warmer and drying up the ground a bit.


Neen said...

Your babies are so cute and got big over the winter.

mama schmerb said...

I love all these pics! and, they will still come and camp out/wrestle/snuggle in your bed, when they are all grown up too! I can think of a certain 23 yr old who always finds her way into our bed! and, that's a good thing :)

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