Wednesday, February 22

Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday

To celebrate Mardi Gras yesterday we had some friends come over to make masks and play!  They had a "parade" around the living room and danced to some cajun music!  I made a King Cake to share with everyone, but I think the moms liked it more than the kids did. :-)

Today was Ash Wednesday but we didn't go to mass or a service, I think the kids are coming down with something because all of their noses are constantly running and they're SUPER grumpy.  I'm very sneezy but I think it's my allergies because we spent time outside yesterday evening.  It's been so rainy off and on that on the few beautiful days we have to take advantage and play outside, but the grass is so wet that they're stuck on the driveway.  Thank goodness for our long driveway!  Our trees are all sprouting new leaves because they think it's spring... Yay... This means an extra month or two for my allergies...  So, instead of going to mass we did a few activities and talked about Lent.  They did some coloring pages while we talked, and we also prepared a spend/save/tithe piggy bank for Beth and Luke.  They're going to start earning money for extra chores- and don't laugh when I say we'll probably pay out a dime per chore!  We just want them to get the hang of money lessons as well as participate in tithing during Lent.

Today, for fun, the kids "ate a rainbow" for lunch!  They each had a plate full of fruit (okay, and a carrot too) and had vanilla yogurt for dipping. They were so excited to eat it even though it's the usual stuff!  It's all about presentation with my kids. ;-)

After nap time the boys were excited to see our across-the-street neighbor mowing his lawn.  These brothers have fascination with yard equipment!

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Neen said...

By the time J and I got home from this years parade the kids had thrown beeds all over our yard. Fun stuff!

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