Wednesday, February 29

Jack's First Hair Cut

Last week I gave Mr. Jack his first hair cut!  He is 20 months old, which means he was the youngest of our kids to have his first hair cut.  His hair has grown in sort of funny on the top, plentiful on the top and in the back but sort of sparce on either side.  We left the top alone, I trimmed only a bit that fell into his eyes, but I cut the back that would hang over his shirt collar and I trimmed over his ears.  It's hard to tell in the photos but it did make a big change (to me)!

he did a great job, just sat and played with our toothbrushes!

making silly faces in the mirror is one of his favorite games

after.  what a big boy!


Julie said...

Eva and Jack have the same hair cut =)

ashley said...

you made it 20 months?!? we're not sure we can make it to a year without having to trim J's hair (up front)... its already starting to cover his eye! haha!

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