Sunday, December 18

Our Christmas Tree

Jack's first year to help hang ornaments.  He enjoying pulling everything out of the box!
Sunday night, the fourth Sunday of Advent, we decorated our tree.  It's not really a tradition for us to decorate it at a certain time, we just hadn't really gotten around to it yet!  It was kind of nice having it empty though- well, with only the lights- because I haven't had to worry about kids or cats pulling ornaments off!  I am now happy with the way our home is decorated this year, it was feeling very empty until we got our tree last weekend.  I bought a lot of fake poinsettias this year and I love them, they add so much color, are so festive, and look so fabulous against our new gray walls.  In fact, they were the inspiration for us to paint our half-bathroom a cranberry-red color!  It's intense but I love it! 

The kids had fun decorating, but had more fun running around the house with strings of fake cranberries after the tree was done.  Ryan and I just sad on the couch while the three of them ran around us, and we were able to just sort of take it all in.  It's that time of year for reminiscing, and I thought about how over the past several years we've had a new baby or I've been expecting, and this is the first year we weren't really dealing with that.  It's still hard sometimes, thinking about how I should be well into my second trimester right now, feeling baby kicks...

There's so much going on though, I've hardly had too much time to think.  Last week was intense preparation for Beth's birthday party, a Christmas party with friends, and prepping the house for visiting relatives.  This week will be a lot of the same, plus I have some last-minute shopping and gift wrapping to do! 

Daily I've been thinking about how I can prep my heart for the birth of Christ, what I can give to Him for Christmas this year.  I'm in a different place this year, because of the ages of my kiddos, so I feel like I have something different to offer my infant Savior.  Looking back, last year I was pretty down, and was some days struggling to make it through the day, so every little thing I did seemed like a huge sacrifice.  Now, we have mostly wonderful days, and I'm feeling ready to venture out and nourish my own soul again.  I haven't had much of that since I left Regnum Christi a few years ago, but my heart misses the discipline and spirituality of the movement I no longer feel connected to.  I don't know what the Lord is calling me to but I'm listening for His voice... Unfortunately there's not a lot of quiet around here!  I feel so blessed to be able to hear His voice in my children and husband though, and to be in a place again where I'm starting to feel "normal" enough to enjoy and truly love my life in a way I've not experienced before.  I am so blessed!

I took photos of the kids hanging ornaments but really, I should've taken some of them chasing each other around the house, shrieking with excitement!

Luke's star

Beth's angel

Jack's cardinal (just to clarify... because he loves the birds outside our breakfast window, not the baseball team!)

three growing-up babies

Ryan lifting Beth so that she can place the angel on top!

our 2011 Christmas tree

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Neen said...

The tree and your home is beautiful.

I left RC before the news was public and in turn lost many friends. I was depressed, in a way, for a few years. In the end I realized that God was healing my hurt heart that whole time. I look back on that "depression" as a very special time in my spiritual growth. I don't know where you are I just wanted to offer that.
Don't feel like you have to jump into anything else or any other movement. I have found that my prayer life is more moment to moment with all the kids as apposed to being "propper."

You are a great mom and you teach your faith to your children in everything you do.

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