Friday, December 23

Holiday Visitors

We have some extra-special guests staying with us right now: Aunt Ramona, cousin Christopher, and in-utero baby boy "Nugget"!  Christopher is about 9 months younger than Luke and a year older than Jack, so they stair-step down and have lots of fun together!  Yesterday we made some oatmeal cookies and played around the house, today we had haircuts (by Aunt Stephanie) and went to look at Christmas lights in pajamas.  They are all very anxious for Christmas to be here!

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Liz said...

Stephanie, these are great photos! What could be more evocative of the childlike exuberance toward Christmas than four pajama-clad little ones, excited about lights, family visitors, and the anticipation of Christmas morn!

Also...I LOVE the one of Luke and Christopher on the couch. All that's missing is a couple of heinekins (I probably spelled that wrong) and SportsCenter.

Merry Christmas, Stephanie & family...may every good and wonderful thing about this season bring even more light of our Saviour into your hearts.

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