Sunday, December 18

A Birthday Party

Miss Bethany will be celebrating her FIFTH birthday in 9 days, but because of the date we held a birthday party with her friends on Saturday the 17th.  This was her very first "friend" party, all girls, and oh-so-girly. :-)  A long time ago she wanted a Fancy Nancy-themed party, so we made some uber-cute birthday invitations and we took the Fancy Nancy, French, pink and purple theme and ran with it!  We requested each girl wear her most exquisite ensemble and we gave out boas, "pearl" necklaces, and sunglasses (that all broke!) to each of the girls upon her arrival.  We played "Fancy Freeze Dance" where the girls had to make a funny pose when I suddenly would stop the music, and Beth would choose the girl with the silliest pose.  We also played "don't let the balloon touch the ground," a game that every kid I've ever met loves!  After playing and dancing a bit, the girls sat down for a fancy lunch- chicken salad sandwiches, veggies and dip, chocolate-dipped pretzels, cookies, and strawberry lemonade out of champagne glasses!  After lunch the girls played some more until we decided to open gifts.  Beth was, as you can imagine, incredibly excited about this, and waiting for it the entire day!  She received a LOT of Fancy Nancy books and activity books, a small Yorkie in a carrying bag, a Lalaloopsy doll, and a couple of craft kits.  Fabulous gifts!  After presents we sang "Happy Birthday" and had cake, then slowly the girls went home.  Beth absolutely loved her birthday party!  Thank you to all the little girls and their Mommies who made the drive to our home to help us celebrate!

The table, complete with an Eiffel tower in the middle!

Beth's cake, constructed by moi
Fancy Freeze Dance.  Yes, I gave lessons. ;-)

The always-loved game, "Don't let the balloon touch the ground!"

Lunch time!

11 girls at our table for lunch

Time to open presents!  We took a photo with each girl and her gift, they were all so sweet!

Beth's cake.  We all sang happy birthday and Beth wore her trademarked shy smile, I love it!

A photo of me!  A rarity as I'm usually the one behind the camera, luckily Aunt Ramona took all the photos this day so I could enjoy the party!

"I love my cake, Mommy!"

*sniff* I can't believe she's almost 5!

She loved her new dress, and her beautiful new pearl bracelets from Daddy. 

Bethie and Grandma, who helped with all the party prep and cleanup!


Neen said...

You created a very special day for her. I hope her "real" birthday is just as wonderful.

mama schmerb said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Such beautiful pictures.

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