Monday, November 28

Our Thanksgiving

We spent our Thanksgiving this year at my parent's house, driving in on Tuesday and staying until Saturday.  It was the typical family affair: lots of people crammed into a house, eating, playing games, drinking, napping, more eating. We were blessed with beautiful weather so we spent a lot of time outside as a family! Ryan and I snuck out to see a movie one night, and another night we went to my brother's apartment to hang out and have some drinks while my brother played bartender.  :-) 

Our Thanksgiving feast consisted of two turkeys (and some separate turkey cutlets for Beth!), dressing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, something else I'm forgetting?, and crescent rolls.  I love crescent rolls.  They were always such a treat, and now an even less-frequent treat!  I made some homemade crescent rolls for Beth so she could have her own  and she really liked them!  They were very buttery but not so flaky, I'll have to work on the recipe more!

Beth, Luke, and Jack of course had loads of fun with everyone!  Playing in the backyard on the swings, digging in dirt, chasing each other around.  Riding bikes and scooters on the sidewalk (sidewalks are new things to them!), playing with new toys and games...And all of this with some of their favorite people!  They keep asking to go back, but then Beth remembers how long the car trip is and says she's happy to be home instead of in the car!

The older kids had a wild game of dodgeball in the backyard one evening.  I had a blast but I know someone pounded someone else a little too hard on the arm, and another someone fell back and strained a muscle.  It's always fun until someone gets hurt, right?  ;-)

I didn't get a ton of photos because I was busy enjoying myself and my wine!


daddy was putting him on top of the basketball goal!

more dirt.  lots and lots of dirt.

beth found a nerf gun or something, it was huge and she looked so silly!

Finley trying to get a taste of turkey carcass.  He has a weakness for turkey.

dinner time!

ready to eat!

luke has his mouth full... "mom, no more photos, please. i'm busy."

this one looks incredibly dangerous but he was actually quite far away! 

fun with pawpaw around the firepit!

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