Wednesday, November 16

Lesson Learned

Why on earth would I write something like, "The boys didn't get Beth's cold!" and hit publish?

Needless to say, we're all sick, everyone but Ryan.  It started simultaneously with Beth, Jack, and me, though the they actually have a fever and I just feel achy.  Luke has been mostly spared, but the amount of over-the-top whiny-ness tells me it's about to hit him hard too.

I've been reading a lot lately about nutrition and health, and finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with our health and diets.  Once I cut out Chex from the kid's diets, I saw a major improvement in Luke's attitude and his ability to sit down and concentrate on a task.  I can't be positive but I think it's the corn.

Feeling at peace is sometimes a hard thing for me, as I feel like I'm constantly seeking ways to improve our lives.  I wonder if certain behaviors can be changed because the more I read the more I'm convinced that what goes on in our guts directly affects what goes on in our brains, and when a child is acting out I try to figure out how I can help him or her. 

At some point though, I realize it's in God's hands.  He's given me the brain and the resources to figure out how to best care for my children, and after I've done all I can I have to give it to him.  When Jack was battling his rash for months and months... It was the same thing.  We visited so many doctors, tried so many medicines, but in the end I had to find peace in knowing that God was watching over him.  It was a hard reminder to put my trust in God when all I wanted so badly was for my little boy to be well again.

So we're all sick and tired.  We take efforts to boost our immune systems, get plenty of water and rest, and ask God for quick healing.  The good news is it's given me some extra time to cuddle with my boys, who are usually too busy to sit and let Mommy stroke their hair. :-)

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Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

So sorry that you all have been sick! Prayers that you all feel better soon!

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