Tuesday, November 29

Hot Chocolate

Sunday was a cold day.  Weather.com said it was 51 degrees but in the shade with the wind blowing, I'm certain it was much colder than that!  My hands were red and freezing, and my ears were hurting because of the wind.  Ryan mowed the lawn for what should be the last time this season, and of course Luke had to "help" by pushing his lawn mower aside Ryan.  Beth rode her bike and Jack toddled along with me, picking up toys out of the yard and pruning the bushes in the front yard. 

By the time Ryan got to the backyard I was freezing cold and went inside to make some hot chocolate.  We haven't had any this year yet and the kids don't remember it from last year, so this was a pretty new experience!  I found an easy recipe and made my own on the stovetop, distributed it among four mugs, and covered each mug in marshmallows!  Needless to say it was a hit!
luke was hesitant to try it at first... once he realized it was warm (and not hot!) he gulped it up.

this one mostly wanted the marshmallows!

i liked her chocolate mustache!

jack ran around the yard and played, no hot chocolate for him!


it's rare for me to catch luke giving me a real smile!!!  love this!


mama schmerb said...

I'm with Beth! More marshmallows! three musketeer bars and marshmallow fluff, with a shot of vanilla, make the BEST hot chocolate...melted into the hot milk, of course :)

Liz said...

Stephanie, I know you don't live in Austin but I was hoping maybe your mom or someone could help you.

Three of the six central Texas SPROUTS locations are closing...and ALL of the gluten free snacks, frozen meals, and prepared foods along with cooking ingredients are 30-50% off. They say it will probably go within the next 24-36 hours, so if you can get your mom or another family member of your family to go on Wednesday...I bet you could really stock UP!

Kyla, Michael & Joseph said...

Aww, what a fun day! Isn't it sweet how something so simple as hot chocolate can just make the most wonderful memories? :)

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