Monday, November 14

Fall Sickness

So it's been a few days since my last update... I'm getting pretty terrible at this blogging thing, huh?!  When I have a client that's near her due date, I make it a point to go to bed very early each night because I don't know when or if I'll be called in the middle of the night, and this cuts back on my "extracurricular" activities like blogging... and cleaning house... ;-)

We have had our first round of fall sickness in the house, and it struck Beth.  She had a fever for several days and was very lethargic, laying around on the couch and napping on and off all day.  She didn't really have any other symptoms though, so we treated her fever and gave her time to heal.  The boys never got sick!

Unfortunately we had our family pictures scheduled so we went ahead with the shoot, we didn't realize Beth was still sick that morning as she woke up full of energy!  By the end of the shoot she was exhausted and had big bags under her eyes, I felt horrible for bringing her outside on a chilly morning!  I think we still managed to get a few good ones, hopefully a beautiful one for our Christmas cards!

I'm having a hard time believing November is halfway over, and that Thanksgiving is next week!  It doesn't help that it's 80 degrees outside today! I knew it was going to happen, that time would fly by- Luke's birthday always kicks off the busy season around our house!  I'm already considering what to buy for Christmas gifts, how to celebrate St. Nick's feast day, Beth's birthday party (the big number 5!), and visiting with our out-of-town friends and family. 

I've been feeling pretty good though, and I'm ready for the festivities to begin!

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