Wednesday, August 31

This Week In Pictures

Beth started her third year of ballet two Mondays ago!  She's in a bigger girl class now and I can tell she's going to get a lot more out of it this year!  She's been very excited about going to class!

Jack seemed to want me to take his photo too!

Yesterday Beth discovered the broom handle was magnetic.  So she lined up the letters on the pole.

Football-themed cookies for Daddy.  He had his fantasy football draft last night, his favorite night of the year!

And here he is, picking the team of his dreams.  He's going to win it all this year. :-)
This guy has been living on my hip all week, I think he's still feeling rotten. :-(


Grandma c said...

Now...that is entirely too much cuteness going on. :)

moma schmerb said...

I agree with grandma c!!!

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