Tuesday, August 16

STL/KC Trip, Part Two

Part two of my story begins at the wedding rehearsal.  Ryan chased the boys around the back of the church while I watched and helped Beth rehearse her big walk down the aisle.  We waited for awhile for the rehersal to actually start so of course I snapped lots of photos of Beth.

 She rehearsed beautifully, then everyone went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  Dinner was... interesting, as it always is with three children in a restaurant.  At night.  After bedtime.  We skipped out a little early since we knew they needed to get to bed (and we were sure no one would actually get to hear the toasts if we stayed), and drove back to my friend's house to hurry the children to bed.  Ryan and I were exhausted also and hoped we'd actually get to bed before 11pm that night.

Well, we did get to bed early.  But somewhere along the way, our children got sick.  Very, very sick.  Luke started the ordeal an hour and a half after we went to bed, crying and waking up with a dirty diaper (which he hasn't done since he was 8 months old or so).  I cleaned him and put him back to bed, but it happened again.  And again.  I think the third or fourth time there was projectile vomit involved, which by this time I actually found rather funny (poor Ryan didn't think so, as he was the one vomited on!).  I had to scramble around the house at 2 am or something to find carpet cleaner, paper towels (there were none), old towels to use as rags, in a house that was foreign to me while the owners were away.  We finally got Luke taken care of and the carpet cleaned (I think he vomited again before he went to bed), and maybe an hour after that it hit Beth.  I'll spare you the details because her story looks similar to Luke's only she made it to the actual toilet for most of her issues.  I probably don't need to say it, but Ryan and I didn't sleep much that night.

Jack only had a couple of nasty dirty diapers in the morning, he was spared the barf.

After the rough night we were all exhausted, and wondering if we would even make it to the wedding.  It was a hard thing to consider since we'd driven so far to be there and Beth was very much looking forward to being the flower girl!  Thankfully, whatever it was mostly went away, Beth and Jack were fine and Luke was sick off-and-on for the rest of our trip, but not so sick that he couldn't attend the festivities.

I took Beth to the church to get ready and the boys met us there before the wedding actually started.  Beth had a wonderful time getting ready with the big girls!  She nailed that walk down the aisle, though she ran out of petals about 1/3 of the way down, shrugged her shoulders and turned her basket over to show everyone it was empty, then strutted down the rest of the way looking quite cute. 

my studly godson, isn't he handsome?
bride and groom, ryan's cousin and new cousin-in-law

Most of the rest of the day Beth wanted to be by the bridesmaids and wanted nothing to do with the rest of us!  She loved the gig and is asking me when she can be a flower girl again.  Hmm... 

At the reception that evening, we had a nice dinner and I have to say that my children surprised me.  Since it was late evening I thought the boys would pass out but nooo... Of course our children, along with cousin Christopher, were the first four people on the dance floor, and they cut a rug that put their dancing father to shame!  I tried in vain to take a video, but it didn't work because it was too dark. Beth danced with the bride, bridesmaids, Daddy, and many other people.  Luke did his own thing, and cracked us all up with his new signature move- grabbing his pants at the top of his legs, pulling them up slightly, and shaking his booty.  Jack ran around in circles, danced by bobbing his head and bending his knees, and did a few headstands.  I don't know if anyone knows this but Ryan's favorite part of wedding receptions is being able to dance with his children, especially Beth.

The night ended with them all eventually passing out before we actually left, but they gave it a good effort to hang in there as long as possible!

The next day we drove back to go to mass with Ryan's grandpa and say our goodbyes to everyone.  We had planned on attending the family barbecue but it was pushed back a few hours and we had to hit the road to make it back to Kansas City before dinnertime. 
Uncle Jeff, visiting from Taiwan.  Beth said he was the silliest uncle of all!

Great Grandpa Paul- Ryan's grandfather, and one of the men our Jackson Paul is named for

Ryan's Uncle John
poor luke was a little tired, rolling around on the floor with a truck.
We wished we could have stayed in St. Louis a little longer but we had a whole other adventure waiting for us in Kansas City!  Part Three coming soon...

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Neen said...

Wow, getting sick when not at home is the worst. What church were you at? I can't wait to see more pictures.

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