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STL/KC Trip, Part Three

 Our trip back to Kansas City was a rough drive, though it started off smoothly.  About halfway through we noticed another amazing storm rolling in right dead-straight in front of us.  It rained so hard, so many people pulled over but Ryan trekked through at a steady 30 mph.  After the rain slowed, traffic came to a standstill.  There must have been an accident or something because we were parked on the highway for about 45 minutes.  Not so much fun.

We finally got there and had quite a reunion...Okay not so much.  Us adults were happy to see each other but the kids took awhile to warm up to each other.  The next day was so much fun though!  Luke and Colin were able to play together for the first time (Colin is about 6 months older than Luke, Grace is about 6 months older than Beth).  The age gaps weren't so obvious anymore.
It just so happened that all three girls had the same exact dress!
A neat thing about this trip was that our hosts were staying in a rental condo, and all of the furniture belonged to the condo, so we didn't have to be too concerned about six rowdy children jumping on beds or couches.  :-)

Monday afternoon we went to a local children's museum and let the kids play.  It was way cooler than our local museum and FREE.  Very cool.

Luke, future surgeon

Beth too?
Monday night we went out to eat at a restaurant called T-Rex.  It's like Rainforest Cafe but all dinosaurs!  We sat under a giant jellyfish in a booth and the kids took pictures with the dinosaurs.  I knew this place was owned by Disney and I've heard very good things about Disney restaurants being very accommodating with special diets, so after a call and a visit with the chef Beth had some gluten-free chicken nuggets cooked up special for her by the chef!

Katie curled Beth and Grace's hair before we left.  Mine too but it wasn't as cute!

Jack in his high chair at the restaurant, Ryan gave all of the boys faux-hawks.

The only photo we have of all 10 of us!

That night we put the kids to bed early and us adults had a few drinks and played some games.  We had a very fun night, reminiscent of our Punta Cana trip!

Tuesday we stayed home in the morning and let the kids play and run around like crazy people while Pat went to work and the other three adults, umm, recovered from the night before (we stayed up too late!).  After lunch we took everyone to a cool farm place (also free!) which had a lot of farm animals, gardens, fishing, playground area, and other neat things.  This was one of the highlights of Ryan's trip, and I'll show you why:

They had an injured Bald Eagle, who would have been unable to survive in the wild, and he is one of the only Bald Eagles in captivity in the United States!  He was literally 8 feet in front of us, and Ryan was truly in awe. Of course, we had to explain what "bald" meant to Beth.

Jack liked checking out the Bald Eagle too.
Luke had fun pushing Hannah in the stroller
Grace and Beth in front of some beautiful flowers.

Checking out a buffalo
And a goat.
This guy was my favorite.
Friends Forever!
We didn't get to stay as long as we wanted to because Grace had gymnastics that night, and Beth tagged along.  I was surprised at how well she did with balancing, she doesn't exactly have the most coordinated mother!  She liked it a lot but told me she liked ballet better!

On Wednesday Pat was able to stay home from work so we decided to stay an extra day and leave Thursday morning.  We stayed home during the day and enjoyed the field behind their condo, Ryan and Pat organized a group game of baseball so all the kids could get outside and play!

Well, Jack decided to pick up rocks and put them in a cup instead.

Katie had to work Wednesday night so we didn't get to hang out much that evening, but we wanted to go to bed early to prepare for the next day's long trip.  Thursday morning we woke up, had breakfast and loaded the car, and left a bit before 9 am.  A quick stop for coffee and we were on our way!

We stopped for lunch sometime before the Oklahoma border.  We had a packed lunch and let the kids run around some before plowing through the net 5 hours until dinner.  While Ryan did most of the driving on our trip, I had that 5 hour stretch, which included all of Oklahoma and until north of Dallas.  We stopped at the same Chipotle for dinner, then headed for home.  We arrived around 10:30 pm.  It was quite a day of driving, but not nearly as horrible as I'd anticipated!

Overall Ryan and I were very happy about the way the trip went.  We were sorry that we had to leave, we would have loved to have stayed everywhere much, much longer.  The good news is that we realized that, while it's a long drive, it's doable.  We all survived.  Everyone had so much fun meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.  Ryan and I feel like this was a trip that's hopefully opened a door to allow for a lot more travel in the future!

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grandma c said...

Looks wild and crazy and lots of fun!! I know the kids as well the moms and pops had a fun reunion!

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