Saturday, August 13

STL/KC Trip, Part One.

Our family had a completely new adventure last week, one we'd been anticipating for months and months: a drive to St. Louis to attend Ryan's cousin's wedding and so Beth could be their flower girl.

Yes, I said drive.  Flying was out of the question for so many reasons, so Ryan and I were preparing for this drive for months.  Luckily we were able to break it up and stop over night in Kansas City on the way there, but if you don't know it's still 12 hours in the car to KC!

stuffed like sardines.
Ryan and I had been preparing for this trip for months.  We equipped ourselves with new library books, old standby favorite books, flashcards on a ring, new toys including a Leap Pad for Beth, homemade activity binders with crayons, colored pencils, paper, stencils, stickers, and activity books hole-punched into the binder.  And two DVD screens.  Yes, I'm not ever going on a long trip without DVD screens, what an amazing invention and I'm so happy we had these screens!  Lifesaver.

very hot, but he's happy to be out of his car seat!
We left after lunchtime on Wednesday, August 3, hoping that the boys would nap in the car for an hour or two.  They did, so the first stop we made was north of Dallas for an early dinner.  We stopped at Chipotle (which is gluten free, by the way- everything except the flour tortillas!) and let the kids run around in their outdoor eating area for about 20 minutes in the 114 degree heat.

welcome to oklahoma, ha ha!  my first time to oklahoma.

A few more hours in the car and we stopped at a rest area to change the kids into pajamas and run around a bit before "bedtime."  It was nearing dark and we wanted to get them in a bedtime mindset and hoped that pajamas would do the trick.  Well, it sort of worked...

ryan has made so much fun of oklahoma that i was expecting tumbleweeds on the side of the road.  it was actually quite pretty!
The last we heard out of Luke was probably a little before 10 pm.  Poor Jack cried off and on all night, but I'm convinced this was in-part due to the torrential downpour of a storm we drove through for something like four hours.  As we approached this storm- right on the Oklahoma/Kansas border- it was the most amazing yet intimidating lightning I'd ever seen in my life.  The whole sky was lit up, and jagged streaks were crossing the sky and seemed to be hitting the ground- all 30 miles straight in front of us.  I've never driven through Kansas before so all I can think about is The Wizard of Oz, and Twister- wicked witches and flying cows.  Ryan was driving and kept his cool, and he drove safely at about 40 mph for quite a bit of time.
We arrived in Kansas City at about 2:00 am at Ryan's aunt and uncle's house, threw the kids in bed and passed out.

The next morning we were able to relax a little bit, visit with family, and pack up and head off after an early lunch.  We wanted to be in St. Louis by about 4:00 pm to make it to the pre-wedding "Hey everyone is in town visiting let's have a party!" party.  Another four hours in the car (a quick stop at a rest stop to stretch and change a stinky diaper!) and we were there, four hours seemed like a pretty quick trip after the previous day!

The kids were happy to see some familiar faces- Grandma and Grandpa!  They met new faces like Great Grandpa Paul, the bride and groom, and other family members.  We ate some yummy food then left at about 9 pm to drive to our next destination! My sweet friend from high school offered to let us stay at their home while we were in St. Louis, and though we were only able to visit for a little while I really enjoyed seeing her and meeting her family!  It was very nice for us to be able to stay in a real house instead of a hotel, have the kids in a separate room and have a real kitchen to cook in.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures though, I'm so bummed out about that!

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grandma said...

I'd say you were packed to the gills in the car! We could hardly see Beth from behind all the diapers. Congrats on successfully completing your first...of many "Family Vacations!" (Jack's hair reminds us of his daddy's when he was that age!)

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