Saturday, August 27

My Birthday

My 29th birthday was last Tuesday!  One more year until I'm 30.  Or maybe I'll be 29 again... Hmm...

We started the day with a trip to the pediatrician.  All three of my children are battling this tummy bug/runny nose  thing, and since Jack was the only one with a fever for several days in a row I decided to take him in.  The doctor recommended some a probiotic I hadn't heard about before, called Florastor, for all three kiddos, to hopefully clear out the bug in their guts.  We have a new pediatrician now (yay!) and so far I've been happy with my two experiences there!

After this quick trip to the pediatrician (have I ever strung those words together before?) we went somewhere else... The animal shelter!  For my birthday, I wanted to rescue two kitties.  It had been something Ryan and I had been thinking and praying about for a few weeks, and we felt now was a good time to add two new members to our family. :-)

I had been praying to St. Francis of Assisi, patron of animals, for a few days before going to the animal shelter, asking him to pray with me that we might find the two right new kitties for our home.  Before going in to the shelter the kids and I prayed again.  We went to the first cat room where there were definitely some sweet kitties, but none were right.  Then we browsed a few cages and I immediately fell in love with a beautiful girl and nearly fell over when I saw her name was Clare.  St. Clare was a friend of St. Francis of Assisi!  She purred the moment I started to pet her, I knew she was one of the kitties meant for our home.  We're not going to keep her name as Clare, though I was tempted.  It's too much of a human name for us, so as I was perusing saint names I found one I liked but had never heard of: Blessed Pica Bernardone.  I clicked on her profile and low and behold, she is the mother of St. Francis!  I kid you not.  So this girl will be called Pica, and it's so perfect for her because she's so tiny and petite!  She's about a year old and only 6 pounds!

We continued browsing the cats (there were so many, it broke my heart) and picked out a young tabby, he's about 4 months old.  We knew our boy kitty would be named Bosco, after St. John Bosco.  We've had his name picked out for years!

It took a few minutes to complete the paperwork to bring Pica and Bosco home with us.  The kids were so excited to have the kitties come home with us, but the kitties went into the master bedroom so the kids could eat lunch and have their rest time.  I knew it would be a long process of getting Finley used to the cats, so they are living in our bedroom until Finley loses interest in them, and keeping them in there also allows me to keep a close eye on how the kids are treating the cats.  We are teaching them to be gentle and sweet, but I am pretty sure Luke and Bosco are going to be best buds!  They're both rambunctious and hyper, so when Luke swings the feathered toy around Bosco goes crazy trying to catch it, and then Luke bursts into laughter!

After rest time, Beth and Luke helped me make a birthday cake, then we went to dinner at BJ's, a restaurant that has yummy gluten-free pizza.  After dinner we came home and opened my presents- I had already gone shopping for myself so I sort knew what was in the bags!  Ryan also bought me a nursing necklace that I had been wanting.  It's just a pretty necklace that's made very well so that Jack can play with it while he's nursing (instead of pull my hair or my lips).  I wish I had gotten one of these a long time ago, it's cute and Jack loves it!  Beth and Luke also made me some lovely homemade cards!


I finished off the day by cuddling with my new kitties, and so far we're really happy with our decision to add them to our family.  At this point I feel like extra cats is nothing, our house is so big and already to busy and chaotic that I've hardly noticed them!  I hope that Finley will be accepting of them soon, I'm continuing to ask for the intervention of St. Francis in the lives of our animals!


Blair said...

How fun! Cute cats! I was wondering when you had said you went to the animal shelter. Hope things adjust smoothly for your new family members :)

Lindsey said...

Aw! Cute kitties! I think it's adorable how they seem to get along well. My cat Frances is colored more like Pica but with darker stripes.

grandma c said...

Cats! Count them...two. They are cute. Hope Finley will learn to love 'em as much as you do. Hope he doesn't think they are flies. ;)

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