Friday, August 12

Bye Bye Nuk

Today we took the sides off Luke's Ikea crib and turned it into a toddler aka "big boy" bed.  I feel very lucky that he's been content to sleep in a crib for this long (he's almost 3!) and that he didn't actually climb out or even try to climb out until two weeks ago.  He's been very happy in his crib because that was the only place he was allowed to have his nuk!

Once he started to climb out Ryan and I brought up to him the idea of switching to a big boy bed, but told him that if he chose to sleep in a big boy bed that he'd have to say bye bye to his nuk.  To my surprise, he was very enthusiastic about it!

After talking about it for a few days, today he helped Ryan disassemble the side of the crib and make up his bed.  Then I asked Luke if he knew of any babies that might like to have his nuk, and he said cousin Christopher.  So we put his nuk in a box, wrote Christopher's name on it, and he put it in the mailbox and waved goodbye!

Tonight I put him to bed as usual, tucked him into his big boy bed, and left his room.  All seems well as he didn't come out of his room even once, and he only brought his nuk up one time, with a sly look on his face, and I reminded him it was going to Christopher.  So far so good, I hope it continues to go this well!  I remember switching Beth into her big girl bed and saying goodbye to her nuk was a very difficult time for both us and her, but she was younger and she moved into a bigger bed.


Neen said...

He really is a very big boy!

grandma and grandpa said...

It's so sad to say goodby to a good friend. Cousin Christopher will be thrilled to get Luke's very special gift in the mail.

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