Thursday, July 28


I just LOVE this age.  Everything that ever stressed me out while he was a baby is suddenly forgiven when he looks at me and gives me his big grin.  It melts me.  It makes me laugh, smile, and cry all at the same time.  He walks around the house and finds me around the corner, laughs, then runs away.  Best game ever.

My little 13-month-old boy.  He's a reader.  He loves books, maybe even more than Beth did when she was a baby.  Is he a toddler now that he's walking?  *sniff sniff*  I don't want him to grow up!


Neen said...

So cute and so grown up looking. I understand the "melts my heart" thing. My sons have a power of me that the girls just don't understand. I don't care anymore either. I used to try to be "fair", but realized that the boys have it rough with dad while he gives in to the girls. I love the books.

Nora said...

I love this age too. It one of those times when we wonder how we could have ever questioned God's perfect plan.

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