Saturday, July 2

Mornings Outside

Usually mornings are a challenge for me- the frantic rush to pour orange juice and water, heat frozen waffles or oatmeal, mix baby cereal and fruit, and serve everything at once so I can sit and feed Jack...Not to forget my coffee.  Usually there's quite a bit of noise as everyone is absolutely famished, ha!

The past two mornings have been a little different though.  Instead of eating right away, we went outside to water the plants.  Everyone is always happy outside, and at 7:30 am in the shade, it's cool enough to actually enjoy being outside!  With three kids on the porch, I was able to set up my coffee, pour orange juice and grab muffins for everyone to eat outside at the table... No worries about crumbs, no whining about more syrup, no questions about "What are we going to do today?!"  Instead, we talked about the planes we heard overhead, the lawn mower sounds in the distance, we watched the deer eat grass and searched the woods for the fawn, discussed what "humid" means and why there was dew on the grass.

We came in about 8:30 because they wanted to, and since they'd had breakfast and started our day off on the right foot, everyone was in a great mood, and I was able to sit down and have my own bowl of oatmeal.  Alone.  Nice. :-)

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