Friday, July 15


Wow, so I'm down to blogging once a week now?  Pretty sad!  Since I've launched my new business as a doula, I now have to divide my available evening time between my personal blog and my work blog.  That, in addition to my evening workouts (I go to the gym at night after the kids go to bed so I don't have to put them in the daycare), chores, and just relaxing with my husband means my blog is the first thing to go!

This summer has been so busy!  We haven't traveled much in July, one long weekend to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the 4th of July, but we've stayed BUSY BUSY BUSY!  We've had so many playdates, library trips, catching up with old friends, and a daytrip to the beach!  In fact, today is the first day we have plans to stay home and do absolutely nothing.  Well, one little errand to get ready for our anniversary tomorrow. :-)

A few things, in summary...

Beth is reading!  I mean, she's been reading short words for awhile now, but I think she's starting to feel more confident in her skills.  We've been doing lessons from Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, and it really gets them reading quickly.  She's also begging me for a dollhouse, it seems that every playdate we go on there's a big gorgeous dollhouse, and Beth notices!  Her birthday is so far away so I've started keeping my eyes on Craigslist. 

Luke talks ALL THE TIME.  He's been talking well for months now, but he narrates his every move throughout the day.  It's funny but my house is definitely never quiet!  He's also making observations that crack us up, usually once or twice a day he'll make me literally laugh out loud at the silly stuff he says.  (I wish I had an example but I'm braindead right now.)  He's also starting to express fears, which is different.  I don't remember Beth ever being afraid of anything, but Luke will tell me about the things he doesn't like, like the shadows in his bedroom at night or Swiper the sneaky fox! He's also giving us lots of attitude, and his temper escalates quite quickly if he's not getting his way.  There's lots of yelling "No!" "I don't want to!" or "No Ma'am Mommy!"  He slaps his thighs in anger and I try to lighten the mood by asking him if he's singing "A Sailor Went to Sea" because in that song you slap your thighs to the words.  That usually gets him laughing!

Jack is walking very well now, by the end of every days he's walking just as much as he is crawling!  I'm also trying to teach him to "woof" like a doggy, but he's still not talking yet.  He babbles and chats a lot, but no Mama or Dada yet, not meaningful anyway.  He will say woof though!  He's also very passionate, getting angry if one of his older siblings steals his toy away!

Ryan and I are just busy.  Tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary!  We'll be staying home since our "babysitters" are out of town, enjoying some take-out fajitas after the kids go to bed!  Ryan's job is still wonderful, and tonight I have my first meeting with a potential client who found me through Google. That makes me happy. :-)  We've nearly completed Phase 1 of our kitchen renovation, which was lighting.  The new lights are in but the contractor we hired to do it all hasn't done a very good job of texturing the patch from the old light, and has sort of disappeared on us, not returning our calls.  :-/  Needless to say, we'll be hiring someone else for Phase 2, which won't be happening for a long time!

Sadly, I have no photos to share right now as I haven't uploaded any since Independence Day!  Would you believe me if I said I'd try to upload them soon?  Ha!

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grandma c said...

Am thinking Luke might be the Seinfeld of his generation...we like his delivery!

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