Tuesday, July 5


Recently, I've been making honest efforts to become more relaxed about life.  I tend to be a very Type A perfectionist and it's just not such a good thing.  It's not all bad, but as I've gotten older and added more children to the family I think in some ways it's gotten worse!

So, I'm slowly trying to let go of the little things. I let them play in the fountains a few days ago after a quick outing near our local mall.  I knew I had no towels, no sippy cups full of cold water, no change of clothes.  But, to my surprise, we survived!  Best of all, the kids had a blast and were so excited to go.

One day last week, I took all three to daily mass alone.  Yes, there was noise and chaos, and I almost lost my temper once, but then I took a deep breath and remembered- they're kids.  It's okay for them to not sit still.  (And people who want to pay attention should know better than to sit in the back behind a pew full of babies!)

Other things happen like drinks spilling, (expensive) lunches tossed on the floor, clothes get stained, and I go to bed too late.  It happens, and so far my effort to chill out I know has lowered my blood pressure at least a little bit. ;-) I know they're watching my every move, learning from me how to handle the world.  It's a lot of pressure for me on some days, especially when I fail miserably at being a mom, wife, woman, or Christian.  But some days I do a pretty darn good job, and I'm proud of that!

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