Friday, July 15

Beach Photos

On Sunday the 10th, we drove to the beach for a quick day trip.  (I was having withdrawals since my family was on their annual trip, and we couldn't make it this year!)  We packed up food, a blue pop-up tent, fresh water, a change of clothes, and toys galore! 

Beth and Luke were the perfect age for the beach.  No worries about seaweed, sand or saltwater, just lots of giggles even when a wave knocked them down.  We built sand castles, let the wind blow bubbles through our wands, flew kites, ate and drank a lot, played on a blow-up lounger, and went out in the "deep" water with Daddy to jump the waves.  Jack made us laugh because we kept him under the tent as much as possible, but every so often he'd take off crawling toward the water, and even once he got in the water he'd just keep going!  I wonder where he thought he was going?  He absolutely loved the water!

I only took a few pictures because I wanted to focus on being wholly present with the kids- ever notice how when you're behind the camera you miss the action? 


mama schmerb said...

Beautiful. Glad y'all got some beach time....but, I was thinking in the back of my mind, that 4 3/4 and 2/34 are perfect ages for beach FUN. Seeing the little clams come out to feed at sunset through the eyes of a child, awe-filled.... It's all new to them. Missed that.

Kyla and Michael said...

What a fun day! I so look forward to having family beach days with you guys next summer!! :)

grandma c said...

Great pictures...looks like the family was destined to be beach bums!

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