Monday, May 31

Our Memorial Day

I need to get back on my game. I have a lot to catch up on from this past week! But I'll start with today...

This morning we decided to go to the local blueberry farm, and by the time we arrived it was already 10 am. Too hot! Ryan did most of the picking while I sat in the shade and kept the kids nearby. I wanted to die, it was so miserably hot. Ryan said it wasn't too bad, so I guess it was just my pregnant body craving A/C! Beth and Luke had a great time though, luckily the kids were both old enough to figure out that they could eat the berries straight off the bushes instead of picking them out of our buckets!

And afterwards a nice, long nap!

We came home, had a quick lunch and put the kids down for nap time. Ryan and I were both exhausted but he had another project he couldn't get out of: fixing his car! Luckily he has a buddy at work that knows how to fix cars, so together they figured out the problem-a leaky radiator- and replaced it! As I'm typing this, I realized I don't think I even blogged about the fact that his car broke down on his way to work on Friday... We thought she was a goner! But nope, hopefully she'll be around for a few more years!

While they were working on the car, I got started on a blueberry crisp. Ryan picked 6 lbs of blueberries, so I had to make some sort of yummy dessert! It was delicious, thank you Martha Stewart!

For good measure, here's a pic of the garage door opener that Ryan has conquered. The same friend helped him replace it a couple of weeks ago, here's Ryan standing on the unit that started the fight. Ryan went to the hand surgeon on Monday morning, had his pins removed and is all cleared. His finger is still healing, but for the most part the break has been fixed and his fingernail should grow back just fine! Take that, garage door opener!

When the kids woke up from their naps, they went outside to play with Ryan while he was finishing cleaning up the garage. I made them snow cones using the snow cone machine we bought at Target yesterday. I'd been wanting to get one and they loved it. As Ryan fired up the grill, we turned the sprinkler on in the backyard and thought they'd go to town. As it turns out, running through the sprinkler is not innate in our children- Luke stood in the water and cried and Beth looked really confused about what to do. Ryan demonstrated how it was supposed to be fun, but neither of them truly enjoyed it!

Ryan grilled up some fajitas and we had a yummy dinner. He took the kids out to play a little more after dinner while I rested, and they went to sleep relatively easy tonight. Beth's been fighting sleep- and us- this week, and it hasn't been fun at all. The girl who has gone to bed perfectly and easily since 13 months of age is now throwing screaming temper tantrums before bedtime. We avoided that tonight, I suppose she needs a good 6 hours of outdoor playtime every day to help her fall asleep easier!

Luke's hair is getting pretty long. Not long enough to warrant a hair cut yet, but definitely long enough for a mohawk!

We had a really great day today, and I know that Ryan and I are just as exhausted as the kids. Hopefully we'll all sleep soundly tonight!

Wednesday, May 26

Mommy Thoughts

My days grown more and more tiresome as my belly continues to grow ridiculously huge. Although I've been pregnant twice, I somehow have managed to forget just how large my waist becomes! His movements are the same, gigantic and dramatic while sometimes painful. While I feel I've had more health issues with this pregnancy, I can't even for a second think of complaining because I've been blessed to carry such a precious life. I can't wait to meet this little boy, give him a name, and start our lives with him on the outside.

While we wait for Frisbee to make his debut, I'm trying to switch my focus on my first- and second-born children. They are both still so young and so little, and their worlds are about to get thrown upside down! They challenge me physically, but it's not too hard to give them some extra cuddles as we sit on the sofa. :-) Luke is especially still such a little boy- 19 months old- and still very much my "baby." I'm praying that he'll accept his new brother with open arms instead of clinched fists!

So while housework isn't getting done, dinner is barely getting made, and some days I'm barely surviving, it comes down to the fact that I have been so blessed. God has never left me wanting, and for that I am so thankful. My husband adores me, my children are healthy and full of life, and I am comfortable.

Thank you, Jesus, for you many blessings!

I will once again be taking prayer requests for labor! Last time, I asked friends, family, and even strangers to email me with their special intentions, so please feel free to do the same this time. I loved being able to offer my labor pains for people in my life, it gave meaning to the pain.

Monday, May 24

Weekend Project: Relax

This weekend's project involved NOTHING but relaxing for me and Ryan. What a change of pace; what a relief!

Friday afternoon we packed up the car- just the two of us- and hit the road. A beach vacation was in order since we won't be taking our annual family vacation to Port Aransas this year! We had reservations for a hotel on Friday night and Saturday night, and other than that we had no plan. We sort of didn't know what to do with ourselves, but it was also kind of nice!

Friday night we went to a nice dinner and walked around downtown, Ryan had a beer and I had an iced coffee drink. Saturday morning we had to check out of our first hotel, and we hung out on the beach all afternoon, checked into our second hotel and found a church so we could go to confession. We randomly decided to stay for the Saturday vigil mass (because, hey- when you're on vacation without kids, you can randomly decide stuff like that!). After mass we met my brother for dinner, strolled the beach, and went to our hotel's pool. I'll tell you, I haven't been in a pool this entire pregnancy and I forgot how absolutely wonderful it feels to be big and pregnant in a pool! Sunday morning we walked to IHOP for breakfast and meandered home, making a few stops along the way to break up the trip.

before dinner on friday night

a beer for ryan...

...and an iced tea in a pretty glass for me!

a beached whale, hehehe

the view from our hotel on saturday night

A relaxing weekend was exactly what we needed, whether it's because we've been so busy working on our house, because we've been focusing on welcoming our new baby, or because we've just been busy. We're so blessed that we have grandparents who will babysit for us whenever we ask, and that our children probably are so busy having fun with grandpa and grandma that they don't even realize we're gone!

Friday, May 21

Car Wash

Both of our cars were in desperate need of a wash, so we put the kids to work!

Beth felt the driveway needed to be mopped.

Luke preferred putting the bubbles on himself.

In the end, Ryan had both cars looking nice and pretty, Luke was stripped down to his saggy wet diaper, and Beth had the driveway cleaner than it's ever been!

Wednesday, May 19

Ballet production preview

Beth's first ballet production is coming up mid-June, and they've started their rehearsals. Since Beth is in the pre-beginners class, they'll be dancing with the "big girls" in the production. It's not a typical recital, where each class performs their own dance and then they're done. It's a full-fledged, real production! If anyone wants to come, email me and I'll give you the details!

before class, with her "bun."

I had to figure out how to get her fine, barely-there hair into a classical bun. After about half a can of hairspray, 6 clips and 3 bobby pins, I somewhat succeeded.

She even wore some eyeliner (which I apparently applied incorrectly for their purpose) and some blush. I am embarrassed to say that I own no lipstick- not a single tube- to put on her. They want red! We'll have to borrow some from MawMaw or Aunt Jenny!

Sunday, May 16

Frisbee's Video Debut

I know I haven't posted many videos lately, I'm going to try to get better about that. For some reason, it takes me 30 minutes to post a 2-minute video on youtube- what a pain.

Here's a video I took of my belly, I think the best video I've taken with all three pregnancies. All you pregnant mommys might not think it's anything special, but I'm willing to guess a couple of people will be slightly grossed out (and that's what I'm going for). ;-)

edited to add: for some reason the entire width of the video is not showing up on my screen, click on it to view it through youtube for the full video.

Saturday, May 15


alex and his godparents, me and our brother michael

alex loved his huge crucifix, just what every 8-yr-old boy wants!

Thanks for mailing my USB cable, Mommy! :-)

Beth was supposed to have professional pictures taken today but the weather made it not possible. We were going to have them taken in our house and we were hoping for lots of bright, natural light, but that plus the fact that the photographer couldn't even drive here from her home due to flooding made us reschedule for June 5! So instead we stayed home today and Ryan put up some shelves in my laundry room/pantry. I now have more storage than I know what to do with.

We also organized our guest bedroom! I bought some sheets yesterday and I think someone might give me a frame so we can get it up off the floor. Tomorrow we're hoping to hang some pretty things on the walls to make it look nice. We'll start taking reservations soon. ;-)

Beth practiced writing her "E" and "e" while Ryan was working. Afterward we made chocolate chip banana muffins, mmmm....

Thursday, May 13

No pics

If you're wondering why I've been sort of MIA lately, it's because I took Beth and Luke to visit my parents last weekend to help celebrate my brother's birthday and First Holy Communion. Alex is my godson, and it just happened that we celebrated both events on the same weekend! Pretty convenient (for me!). Ryan was planning on coming with us but instead drove up to be with family and attend his cousin's funeral.

I left my USB cable at my parent's house so I have no pics to post right now, I'll add some more later once I get it back. We had a nice trip- we missed Daddy a lot, but the kids always enjoy playing with their aunt and uncles!

We're home and are back into the swing of things, though it seems we all have small colds. Beth and Luke have very runny noses, and Ryan and I sort of had colds near the end of last week. Nothing big enough worth going to the doctor about though, thankfully!

We have plans this weekend to fix up our guest bedroom; we had a new queen-sized mattress delivered on Tuesday so we actually have a place for guests to sleep now! Oddly, I have no queen-sized bed sheets (Beth has a full and we have a king!) so I need to buy sheets, and Ryan and I hope to organize that closet (which has become a dumping ground for things that we can't seem to find a place for in this house).

I'll be 35 weeks pregnant on Saturday, and so far my nesting instincts haven't really kicked in yet. I've been very relaxed about the pending arrival of this baby, probably a little too relaxed. I mean, we don't even have a name picked out yet! I've pulled out baby boy clothes and have been given a few disposable diapers, but other than that I've done absolutely nothing. This child has no bedroom (why bother?) and only one or two brand-new clothing items. I know where everything I need is- the pack and play, my slings, the swing and bouncy chair, and the car seat. Okay, I'll have to install the car seat at some point since I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who knows how to actually install it into the car. ;-) I think I already have everything I'll need to take care of myself post-partum (everything is leftover from Luke!), and I just can't think of anything else I need to do! I'm amazed at how relaxed I am about this, but I bet some instinct or something will kick in soon and I'll start feeling the need to power wash the house. ;-)

Tuesday, May 11

Along the Alphabet Path- "D" and "E" week

We took a huge break from our "school" since we've moved, it's been hard for me to get back into the flow of things! I think, for the most part, that I have my act together now. I've found that Beth is ready to work at a slightly quicker pace now, and I had been taking things very slowly for my own ease and convenience. But she is so ready to learn, and she needs the challenge. If I don't challenge her enough during the day, she's reminds me of a bored puppy- she's destructive and clearly needs the mental stimulation!

For "D" week, we checked out lots of library books about Dancing, St. Dominic, and Dump Trucks (for Luke too!). We also checked out several books by Tomie dePaola. He is one of our favorite authors! She practiced tracing upper and lower case D in a shallow pan full of flour (note to self: do this outside next time!), colored on some coloring pages (St. Dominic, daisies, dolphins, dinosaurs) and of course we had donuts after mass! I wish I'd had my camera for that, as Beth has a very unique way of eating her donuts... I'll have to catch that some other time!

St. Dominic with baby Jesus and Mary

We continue to listen to the Flower Fairy CD every day, usually several times a day as the kids both love dancing to the sweet music. There's lots of dancing in our house. :-) Beth also has a couple of workbooks from Wal-Mart that she loves, she practices writing her letters, matching pictures, drawing lines and following mazes.

For "E" week, I wasn't too prepared to go to the library and wasn't impressed with the books that I could find while the kids were running around like crazy heathens. We checked out two Ella the Elegant books (mostly cute, not my favorites), and other books on elephants, exercise, and electricity. Yesterday we talked a lot about exercising and I showed Beth some stretches...Not that I can do much right now, I certainly can't even get close to touching my toes! We also talked about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and Beth also did a few related coloring pages.

I wasn't too excited about our "E" week activities, so I'm hoping to prepare better for "F" week. I'm hoping to take a trip to a local fire station- last time we went (gosh, a year ago!) Beth had so much fun but Luke was too little to enjoy it. Given Luke's obsession with trucks, I think he'll like it a lot better this time!

Friday, May 7

Park Day

We visited the park today, man was it hot! The kids and I were incredibly hot and sweaty, but sometimes you just gotta get out of the house!

Happy birthday to my youngest brother and godson- Alex is 8!

Tuesday, May 4


I've finally given in to the super enormously-obnoxious shopping cart, and as it turns out it's been one of the best things I've ever done! They played happily the entire trip- this cart combined with a couple of snacks and two sippy cups made for a very pleasant grocery shopping trip. We also just found out a few days ago that we're getting a brand-spankin' new HEB just a few minutes from our house. Ryan and I have been doing a happy dance all week!


We took a few pics before mass on Sunday because, for some very odd reason, we were running extremely early!

Luke also fell asleep near the end of mass, which he hasn't done for months. As it turns out, we were all getting sick, so that probably explains why he fell asleep!

Monday, May 3


I had a fun blog post planned tonight, but after hearing some news it seemed silly to post. Please pray for the repose of the soul of Christian G., Ryan's cousin, who was killed in a car accident today. Family is devastated, and everyone needs prayer right now.

Saturday, May 1

Weekend Update- on Saturday!

We've done so much today I couldn't wait until tomorrow to write this post! We didn't wake up with the intention of getting all of this done today, it just sort of happened. It's made me happy though, because we got a couple of my "big" items crossed off my list... And since I'm really doing the nesting thing right now, that makes a pregnant mama happy. :-) Did I mention I'm 33 weeks today???

Today, we:
1. installed child-proofing into all the cabinets downstairs
2. installed a new shower head in the master bath
3. cut all the knotted cords on our faux wood blinds (see story below for more info!)
4. "built" and installed shelves in Beth and Luke's rooms
5. mowed and edged the grass in the front yard
6. installed shelves in the garage
7. decided on paint colors for the other two bathrooms

We definitely win the prize today for the most productive pregnant woman/broken-fingered man couple!

we started the morning with a reassuring visit that our friend made it through the close encounter with the hawk

luke helped daddy with some yellow plastic pliers

new cabinet locks!

cut cords on all the blinds. the other night with some girlfriends, i heard too many stories of kids getting these cords caught around their necks- it had happened to nearly everyone. ours were all tangled messes anyways, so i cut them short- and won't be knotting them!

beth's new bookshelf (will blog more about this later)

luke's new bookshelves

ryan put up the shelves and finally hung up his neon aggie sign!
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